Sunday, June 28, 2015

Austin-tatious in the 90s: Damon Bramblett, The Hollisters and Travis County Pickin'


     I posted several Carol Pierce related cds around this time last year.  My choice of 1990s Austin-centric alt-country cds doesn't have a unifying theme this year, but they'r all out of print (and shouldn't be.)  I'd also add that it's really a shame that Damon Bramblett never made another record, though I'm pretty sure he still plays fairly regularly around Austin. (And he's a dynamite live act.)

Damon Bramblett: Damon Bramblett:

Tear Him Down
Heaven Bound
Falling Apart
Nobody Wants To Go To The Moon Anymore
Waiting For The Mail
1000 Hearts
Today I Started Drinking Again
When I Was Blind
Champaign, IL.
Devil On Your Side
Wouldn´t Have It Any Other Way

The Hollisters: The Land of Rhythm and Pleasure 

East Texas Pines
Good For The Blues
Better Slow Down
Sun Will Shine
Goldbrick Wheeler
Pike County Blues
Deacon Brown
Without Love
I Don't Need No Woman
Pink Adobe Hacienda

Various Artists: Travis County Pickin'

Austin-Tatious Dave Biller
April In Paris, Texas Jim Stringer
White Corn Rick "Casper" Rawls
The Creeper Brian Hofeldt
House of Cards Sean Mencher
Oreo Swing Joel Hamilton
Travis County Pickin' Jim Stringer
Stranger Pickin' Dave Biller
Danny's Boogie Joel Hamilton
Liar's Poker Jim Stringer
Your New Flame (Is Burnin' Me) Sean Mencher
Ellen Brian Hofeldt
Special K Dave Biller
Buckaroo 2002 Rick "Casper" Rawls
The Fifth Set Scott Wall