Thursday, September 24, 2015

50,000 Obsessive Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong (i.e. more Elvis Costello obscurities)

      I put together a compilation of Elvis Costello obscurities almost three years ago (you can download it here.)  At the time, I said there was a lot of other good stuff that wasn't on the compilation so there might be another volume in the future.  Well, I finally got my nondescript ass in gear and the future is here!  And because Elvis has put out a seemingly endless amount of worthwhile rarities, there's a second and third volume.   

Disc 2

A Drunken Man's Praise of Sobriety
That's How You Got Killed Before (w The Dirty Dozen Brass Band)
You Gotta Lose (Live at CBGB's)
Baby's Got A Brand New Hairdo
I Don't Wanna Go Home
We Oughta Be Ashamed (w/Johnny Cash)
Wave A White Flag
World's Greatest Optimist (Demo)
Love That Burns (live)
Tomorrow's (Just Another Day) (with Madness)
Mischievous Ghost (with Mary Coughlan)
My Resistance is Low
Party Party
Night Time
Almost Ideal Eyes
Monsters of the Id (feat. Elvis Costello)
A Town Called Big Nothing
Baby It's You (with Nick Lowe)

Disc 3
Whole Wide World
The Great Unknown (Demo)
God Only Knows (Live)
Danger Zone (BBC Session)
Lonely Blue Boy
Poisoned Letter
Sticks And Stones
Really Mystified
The End Of The Rainbow
My Dark Life (With Brian Eno)
Everybody's Crying Mercy
Cheap Reward (Honky Tonk Demo)
Poor Borrowed Dress
The People's Limousine
Honky Tonk Girl
Out Of Time
She Loves The Jerk (Demo)
Medley - Alison/Living a Little, Laughing a Little/Tracks of My Tears/Tears of a Clown/No More Tear Stained Make-Up/Clowntime is Over