Sunday, February 28, 2021

There's a Heartbreak Somewhere: A Compendium of Country Soul

         I don't know why it took me so long to put together a country soul compilation as it's easily one of my very favorite genres/subgenres of music.  Perhaps, it's because it's a difficult genre/subgenre to adequately define.   I mean, "I" know it when I hear it, but I would also imagine some of the stuff that I consider to be country soul isn't seen that way by others.  

        Regardless, I hope folks enjoy the compilation, even if you have misgivings about some of the choices.  I would also highly recommend Charles Hughes' book - Country Soul: Making Music and Making Race in the American SouthIt's a very interesting look at the complicated racial dynamics at play amongst musicians, producers, record labels during the heyday of country soul in the 1960s and 1970s "country-soul triangle" (Memphis, Nashville, and Muscle Shoals).  It's published by an academic press and there's a little academic jargon, but it's really a must-read for any fan of country soul.  (You can also check out Charles Hughes' country soul playlist on Spotify if you're interested.)

       I'll post Discs 3 & 4 next month - in case, you were wondering why I omitted your favorite country soul artist. :)  I've also re-upped my rare soul compilations from five years ago.

Download Disc 1 and 2

Disc 1

Just A Little Lovin'

Shelby Lynne

To The Other Woman (I'm The Other Woman)

Doris Duke

A Woman Is A Man's Best Friend

James Carr

Ode to Billy Joe

Joe Tex

He Made A Woman Out Of Me

Bobbie Gentry

The Son Of Hickory Holler Tramp

O.C. Smith

A Man Needs a Woman (a Woman Needs a Man)

Z.Z. Hill

I Don't Need You No More

George Jackson

He'll Have To Go

Solomon Burke

Eddie And Polly

The Delines

It Ain't Easier


You Really Know How to Hurt a Guy

Arthur Conley

I Threw It All Away

Bob Dylan

Sleeping Without You Is a Dragg

Swamp Dogg


Clarence Carter

Just Like Old Times

Mighty Sam McClain

Your Cold Heart

Lloyd Hendricks

Stand By Your Man

Candi Staton

Disc 2

Hold on

Alabama Shakes

Let's Do It Over

Toussaint Mccall

Life Has Its Little Ups And Downs

Brook Benton

You've Been Crying

O.V. Wright

She's Not For You

Willie Nelson

Reconsider Me

Johnny Adams

Son Of A Preacher Man

Aretha Franklin

Needledrop Blues

Emily Duff


Irma Thomas

You Are My Sunshine

Earl Gaines

She Ain't Gonna Do Right

James & Bobby Purify

I'm So Proud

Hacienda Brothers

While I'm Away (Baby Keep The Faith)

Eddy G Giles & The Jive Five

Loving Cup

The Rolling Stones

One and the Same

The War and Treaty

Hot Burrito #1

The Flying Burrito Brothers

Don't Make Me Hate Loving You

Jeanie Greene

Crying In The Chapel

Mavis Staples With The Staple Singers


Monday, February 1, 2021

Songs for The Uninhabitable Earth Soundtrack

        I'm a little ashamed to admit that it took reading David Wallace-Wells' book, The Uninhabitable Earth two years ago to really send me spiraling into a doom loop about the environment (as I should have been residing in that doom loop a lot longer).  While a doom loop may, understandably, have negative connotations, I think it's kind of a necessary space if it propels climate activism and actions, however small, to reduce carbon emissions.  Now I do realize that making a compilation of environmental songs does nothing to improve the environment, was kind of oddly therapeutic for me and maybe they can use some of the more obscure cuts when they're making the anthology series about the book.  (I just found out about this.)



Hand Habits

Don't Go Near The Water

Johnny Cash

Fall On Me


Monkey Gone to Heaven


I Had a Dream I Was Falling Through a Hole in the Ozone Layer


New World Water

Mos Def

Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)

Marvin Gaye

Every Planet We Reach Is Dead


The Trees Are All Gone

Roger McGuinn

Before the Deluge

Eliza Gilkyson

Last Great American Whale

Lou Reed


Caetano Veloso



Humans From Earth

T-Bone Burnett

The New Pollution


And It Rained All Night

Thom Yorke

Earth Intruders


Here Comes The Flood

Robert Fripp