Sunday, April 2, 2023

And the Ashtrays Have Retired: Paeans to Bars

      Even before the pandemic started, my visits to bars were pretty rare.   I know it wouldn't be nearly as much fun as it was it in days of past, especially since I'm pretty foggy after having even two drinks, but there is something about bars and the ways they encourage sociability.  So rather than a collection of drinking songs, I thought it better to create a compilation of songs about specific bars or feature evocative  descriptions about bars (though I will admit to cheating a little bit by my inclusion of Gillian Welch's Barroom Girls).  Hope teetotalers and barflies enjoy it. :)


Saloon Six

The Delines

Pedal Tavern Girl

Bill Lloyd

Frank's Tavern

Chris Gaffney

It'll Do

Kimmie Rhodes

Misery Tavern

The Jayhawks

Tavern in the Town

Terry Lightfoot's New Orleans Jazzmen

The Tiki Bar Is Open

John Hiatt

The Have-Nots


Barroom Girls

Gillian Welch

Lived In Bars

Cat Power

At the Saloon

Van Dyke Parks

Bar Italia


Hangover Tavern

Hank Thompson

Over There That's Frank

James Hand

Beer Tavern Girl

Jimmy McCracklin

Crossroads Bar

Laurel Canyon Ramblers

Down At The Corner At A Bar Called Kelly's

Johnny Paycheck

Charleston Railroad Tavern

Bobby Bare

The Pub with No Beer

Finbay O'Shay

Nothing Good Ever Happens At The Goddamn Thirsty Crow

Father John Misty


Rico Bell

The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me) (An Evening With Pete King)

Tom Waits