Friday, October 2, 2020

Always put a little Jackie DeShannon and Jessie Baylin in your playlist

        I apologize for the long and pretty uninventive name of this month's compilation, but, like most of the planet, it feels really difficult to be very inventive these days. However, you shouldn't let that deter you from enjoying some pretty inspiring pop music, which I think we all need right about now.  I can't imagine there are many folks reading this who aren't familiar with Jackie DeShannon, but if you're looking for more Jessie Baylin, I'd recommend Little Spark or Dark Place.  


To Hell and Back                          Jessie Baylin

Lay, Baby, Lay                          Jackie DeShannon

Thorns                                          Jessie Baylin

Walkin' Down the Line                  Jackie DeShannon

Oh, Boy                                          Jackie DeShannon

Hurry Hurry                                  Jessie Baylin

Heavy Burdens Me Down               Jackie DeShannon

San Francisco                                  Foxygen (w/Jessie Baylin)

Put A Little Love In Your Heart Jackie DeShannon

Sparkle Shoelaces                      Jessie Baylin

Am I Making It Hard On You Jackie DeShannon

Lonely Game                                Steelism (w/Andrew Combs and Jessie Baylin)

God Only Knows You Now        Jessie Baylin, Dave Stewart

Sooner Or Later                        Jackie DeShannon

Was I On Your Mind                Jessie Baylin

Needles And Pins                      Jackie DeShannon

Colour                                        Wild Cub featuring Jessie Baylin

The Weight                                Jackie DeShannon