Thursday, May 26, 2016

We're All Fans of Uncle Walt's Band (and Walter Hyatt)

   It was 20 years ago this month (May 11, 1996) that Walter Hyatt died in a plane crash.  Hyatt was the founding member of Uncle Walt's Band in the 70s and 80s, then went on to a solo career in the 1990s. All three of his solo albums, including the posthumously released Some Unfinished Business, are still available, but both of his Uncle Walt's Band cd releases are out of print, so I thought I'd right that wrong and post them here tonight.  I should also mention just how sublime his first solo release King Tears is - still one of my top ten albums from the 90s.

An American in Texas Revisited

As The Crow Flies
Don't You Know, Can't You See
Walking Angel
Deeper Than Love
An America In Texas
Sad As It Seems
Too Far To Fall
The Last One To Know
Green Tree
Motor City Man
Love Has Laid Me Down
If I Don't Stop Crying
The More I See You
Outside Looking Out
Mock, Mock, Mockingbird

The Girl on the Sunny Shore

Seat Of Logic
Don't You Think I Feel It Too
High Hill
Dish Wiped Clean
Playing The Fool
So Long Baby
Stay With The One Who Loves You
Open Up Your Heart
For The First Time
Lean On Your Mind
At Least Two Ways
Shine On
You Keep Me Holding On
Hard To Bear
All I Need Is You
To Make You Believe