Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Wondrous Ways of Willie Nelson

   It's the first weekend of the summer and what better way to spend a summer than listening to Willie Nelson?!  Not that you don't listen to Willie in all seasons, but there's just something about his music that makes it a perfect fit for late summer afternoons or very late summer nights.  And though I suspect he's going to live another 10-20 years (or more), it's always good to pay tribute to a true legend they are alive.   Therefore, I've prepared a three volume set of Willie's finest (I'll put the third volume up next month.)  As is my usual habit, I've tried to stay away from most of the big hits.  I did, however, include one from his dandy recent release, God's Problem Child.  Enjoy!

   Late Update: I've also reupped the Willie Nelson covers compilations I put together several years back.

Volume One and Volume Two

Volume One
Just One Love
Outskirts Of Town
My Life's Been A Pleasure
If I Were A Carpenter
Home In San Antone
Won't You Ride in My Little Red Wagon
Honeysuckle Rose
Little House on the Hill
Me And The Drummer
Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
Always Seem To Get Things Wrong
I Feel Sorry for Him
Georgia on My Mind
If I Were The Man You Wanted
I Walk Alone
Sad Songs And Waltzes
Volume Two
Great Divide
Love Me Like a Song
Tougher Than Leather
Something to Brag About
Good Hearted Woman
Make Way for a Better Man
Why Are You Picking On Me
A Moment Isn't Very Long
This Cold War With You
Pride Wins Again
Reasons To Quit
December Day
Half a Man
Help Me Make It Through the Night
Family Bible