Thursday, March 26, 2009

And the Train Rolls On: Megahits from Old 97s

Well, it's a crappy day here in the northeast, but I'm still confident that spring is nigh. And what beats driving around a warm spring day with the Old 97s blaring out of your car speakers? So here's an Old 97s compilation I put together last summer for some friends.

No Baby I
Lonely Holiday
Crash On The Barrelhead
The Other Shoe
Let The Train Blow The Whistle
Miss Molly
Busted Afternoon
In The Satellite Rides A Star
Buick City Complex
Holly Jolly Christmas
Let The Idiot Speak
Color Of A Lonely Heart Is Blue
Sound Of Running
El Paso
Old Familiar Steam
The One

Friday, March 20, 2009

Singing the Blues with Ted and Jimmie

As you may probably guess from the nine volume Rooting Around in the 80s compilation, I tend to have a wee bit of a nostalgia problem when it comes to 80s roots music. So indulge me again this week as I give to you two compilations showcasing some gems from the 80s: Ted Hawkins' 1982 Watch Your Step and 1986 Happy Hour (plus a couple of tracks from one of his live cds) and Jimmie Dale Gilmore's 1988 Fair and Square and 1989 Jimmie Dale Gilmore. I don't know why I got the idea to put them together in a compilation, but I do think they sound good back to back.

Dallas: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Bad Dog: Ted Hawkins
Gypsy Woman: Ted Hawkins
Trying to Get to You: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
A Thing Called Love: Ted Hawkins
The Lost Ones: Ted Hawkins
The Doors Are Open Wide: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Honky Tonk Song: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Cold & Bitter Tears: Ted Hawkins
Rain Just Falls: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
I Gave Up All I Had: Ted Hawkins
Fair & Square: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Red Chevrolet: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
One Hundred Miles: Ted Hawkins
Beautiful Rose: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
You Pushed My Head Away: Ted Hawkins

Sorry You're Sick: Ted Hawkins
See The Way: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
White Freight Liner Blues: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Don't Make Me Explain It: Ted Hawkins
My Last Goodbye: Ted Hawkins
99 Holes: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Happy Hour: Ted Hawkins
Singing the Blues: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
TWA: Ted Hawkins
Bring It Home Daddy: Ted Hawkins
Honky Tonk Masquerade: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Ain't That Pretty: Ted Hawkins
Missin' Mississippi: Ted Hawkins
Up To You: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
That Hardwood Floor: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
If You Love Me: Ted Hawkins
When The Nights Are Cold: Jimmie Dale Gilmore

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Indisputably Dusty

I remember finally getting (one of those albums critics invariably declared a "must have") Dusty Springfield's stunning "Dusty in Memphis" a little while after Rhino put out its deluxe edition in 1999. Naturally, I went out and bought a few earlier cds of hers. But it wasn't until I got the vastly underrated "A Brand New Me", her 1970 album recorded with the legendary Philly soul producers Leon Huff and Kenny Gamble that I went on a wave of semi-obsessive Dusty song collecting. If none of her other albums can compare to Dusty in Memphis or A Brand New Me, there are still a lot of gems (I mean, the woman can sing!!) from her various releases from the 60s and 70s. G'ahead, check 'em out if you don't believe me. :)

Volume 1

Breakin' up a Happy Home
Bring Him Back
Tossin' andTurnin'
Sweet Lover No More
This Girl's In Love With You
Once Upon a Time
In the Middle of Nowhere
If Wishes Could Be Kisses
Summer Is Over
Girls Can't Do What the Guys Do
Losing You
Since I Fell For You
Something for Nothing
Ain't No Sun Since You've Been Gone
Guess Who?
Baby Don't You Know
I Only Wanna Laugh
Some of Your Lovin'

Volume 2

Uptight (Everything's Alright)
Stay Awhile
What's It Gonna Be?
Come Back To Me
The Corrupt Ones
It's Over
Am I The Same Girl
Here She Comes
The Richest Girl Alive
I Will Always Want You
Good Lovin'
I Only Want to Be With You
Earthbound Gypsy
Won't Be Long
Summer Love
Morning Please Don't Come -with Tom Springfield
Make the Man Love Me
Look of Love

Friday, March 6, 2009

Even More Rooting Around

Well, I just got back from Eleni Mandell's show at Joe's Pub in New York City - a little short (due to the demands of the venue), but otherwise quite fabulous. DJ Bonebrake is playing drums on the tour which gives folks another reason to go see her if they get the chance.

Anyhoo, here's volumes 7-9 of my Rooting Around in the 80s series. These three have a lot more sad and slow songs (including John Doe's Take 52 - one of my personal faves) - good for late night driving. Oh, and my desktop is working again so the pix are back. Well, I thought the pix would be back, but apparently blogger isn't letting me put pictures up. I'll try it again next week.

Volume 7

Cryin' But My Tears Are Far Away The Knitters
Border Radio The Ponys
Tears Of God Los Lobos
We Shall Overcome Green on Red
Colored Lights The Blasters
Last Night I Dreamed Rank and File
Leave Heaven Alone Exene Cervenka
Tragedy by Definition The John Doe Thing
I Got Loaded Los Lobos
Hollywood Bed The Blasters
Don't Toss Us Away Lone Justice/Maria McKee
Come Back To Me X
River of Fools Los Lobos
Someone Like You The Knitters
I Wish It Was Saturday Night Dave Alvin
It Don't Matter Rank and File

Volume 8

She Wanted Exene Cervenka
Way Back Home Green On Red
Lucky Day Rank And File
La Pasionaria Dan Stuart
Emily Los Lobos
Hardest Time Los Lobos
Tell Her I Love Her Rank and File
Dancing With Tears In My Eyes X
Too Close To The Light Long Ryders
Silver Wings The Knitters
When it Rains... X
My Offering John Doe
Just Another Sunday The Blasters
Poor Old Heartsick Me The Knitters
Funny How Time Slips Away Green On Red
Take #52 John Doe

Volume 9

Fourth of July Dave Alvin
A Matter Of Time Los Lobos
Little Honey The Blasters
Trail Of Time The Knitters
Knockin' on Heaven's Door Danny & Dusty
Famous Barmaid Exene Cervenka
Timeless Love Rank and File
Estoy Sentado Aqui Los Lobos
Imitation Of The Blues (Acoustic) John Doe
My Lonely Sad Eyes Maria McKee
Leaving The Blasters
Love Shack The Knitters
Field of Dirt The John Doe Thing
Donna Los Lobos
See How We Are X
We Had It All Green On Red