Sunday, October 30, 2022

Mandy Barnett: Voice of a Generation

      I've never quite understood why Mandy Barnett didn't become a huge star, especially after her amazing sophomore release I've Got a Right to Cry, but, as Mae West famously declaimed, goodness had nothing to do with it.  Now I must confess, I stopped following her career in the late 2000s (as she seemed to have stopped recording)  a while and only recently had the pleasure to listen to her dandy 2013 collection of Don Gibson Covers, I Can't Stop Loving You.  And after listening to last year's Billie Holiday homage, Every Star Above, I decided a Mandy Barnett retrospective was long overdue.  As for the title of the collection, I forget who described her that way and I think they may have characterized as a once in a generation voice.  At any rate, hope folks like it (though I can't imagine anyone wouldn't. :)


Planet of Love
Dream Too Real to Hold
Look Who's Blue
If You'll Be The Teacher
Searching (For Someone Like You)
Lock Stock and Teardrops
The Whispering Wind (Blows on By)
How’s The World Treating You
My Tears
Walking After Midnight
Life's Railway To Heaven
Dark Moon
For All We Know
Town Without Pity
Help Me Make It Through the Night