Friday, May 31, 2019

The Case for Calexico

   I really only got into them in the last 3-4 years, but I'm increasingly convinced that Calexico is pretty much the platonic ideal of an indie rock band.  They're musically adventurous without seeming like they're just doing it to seem adventurous, record with a lot of different folks, have great taste in covers, and, perhaps most impressively, they're still releasing really good music.  Indeed, I think their last two albums, 2015's Edge of the Sun and 2018's The Thread That Keeps Us are their two best (and definitely get the deluxe versions if you can).

      While I'm sure Calexico still has a lot of great music left in them, I believe it's still high time for a two volume compilation.  Truly, there's no better musical accompaniment for a hot and humid summer afternoon than a couple of hours of Calexico.

Download both discs

Frank's Tavern
Sundown, Sundown
Crystal Frontier 
Roll Tango
Esa Banda En Dub 
Love Will Tear Us Apart
He Lays In The Reins
Dance of Death
Tulsa Telephone Book
Curse of the Ride
What's a Little Wait
Casey's Last Ride
Bisbee Blue
Side B
Stinging Nettle
Fortune Teller
Writer's Minor Holiday
Sonic Wind 
Guns of Brixton 
6 White Horses
Cracklin' Water
Firestorm Of Impossible Odds
Walls Came Down
All The Pretty Horses
In the Light
Ocean of Noise
Lunada Lando
El Picador