Friday, January 31, 2014

There's a Soul on Fire: A Bryan Ferry Retrospective

     I quite liked Bryan Ferry (and Roxy Music) back in the 1980s, but I went through a fairly long stretch where I didn't listen to him at all.  In about 2002, several years after it was released, I got As Time Goes By, an album of all 30s and 40s covers.  Maybe it was listening to the album shortly after seeing the movie In the Mood for Love, which features Ferry's version of the title song, but damn, I loved that album.  So go ahead and call me a New Romantic, but here's a two disc retrospective of his more than 40 year career (I stayed away from anything that's on his 1989 Greatest Hits release Street Life.)

Download both discs

Side One

I'm In The Mood For Love Bryan Ferry
My Only Love Roxy Music
Don't Worry Baby Bryan Ferry
In Your Mind  Bryan Ferry
All I Want Is You  Roxy Music
The Main Thing Roxy Music
New Town Bryan Ferry
Manifesto Roxy Music
I Thought Bryan Ferry
Make You Feel My Love Bryan Ferry
Side Two
I Put A Spell On You Bryan Ferry
Which Way To Turn Bryan Ferry
Editions of You Roxy Music
Whirlwind  Roxy Music
Shameless Bryan Ferry
That's How Strong My Love Is  Bryan Ferry
Ladytron  Roxy Music
Valentine Bryan Ferry
Always Unknowing Roxy Music
Help Me Make It Through The Night  Bryan Ferry