Thursday, August 30, 2012

Aretha and Dusty - Volume Two

     About two years ago, I posted an Aretha Franklin - Dusty Springfield compilation.  A year later, a commenter said that he was surprised that Dusty won the "competition" between the two easily.  I was a little surprised by that, but I have to admit, after listening to the comp again several months ago, that indeed Dusty won that compilation.  In the spirit of fair competition, I thought a rematch was in order (plus, it's only right that this comp includes Dusty's version of "I Can't Wait to See My Baby's Face).  I say it's a draw, but I'll let y'all make up your own minds.


So Well When You're Well Aretha Franklin
I Can't Hear You (No More) Dusty Springfield
Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody Aretha Franklin
Meditation (Meditao) Dusty Springfield
Climbing Higher Mountains Aretha Franklin
Heartbeat Dusty Springfield
Oh No, Not My Baby Dusty Springfield
96 Tears Aretha Franklin
I'll Try Anything Dusty Springfield
I Need A Strong Man (The To-To Song)  Aretha Franklin
You Send Me Aretha Franklin
I'm Gonna Leave You Dusty Springfield
Hello Sunshine Aretha Franklin
Let Me in Your Way Dusty Springfield
Every Natural Thing Aretha Franklin
Who Gets Your Love Dusty Springfield
Love Shine Down Dusty Springfield
I've Been Loving You Too Long Aretha Franklin
I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby's Face Dusty Springfield
I'll Never Be Free Aretha Franklin
Tupelo Honey Dusty Springfield

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jonboy Langford and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts: Misery Loves Company

      Here's the out of print (and pretty darn rare) 1994 Jonboy Langford and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts Misery Loves Company cd I promised last week.  As I may have written previously, I know some folks are a little skeptical of tribute albums, but Jonboy definitely has a way with The Man in Black's songs (I do think one artist paying homage to another artist generally work better than a bunch of artists all covering one artist).  Among Jonboy's releases that are in print, I'd recommend are his collaborations with Sally Timms and the Sadies, his solo All the Fame of Lofty Deeds release, and, of course, his too numerous to list releases with The Mekons.


Cocaine Blues
Tennessee Flat-Top Box
Guess Things Happen That Way
What Is Truth?
I Got Stripes
Big River
Sunday Morning Coming Down
There You Go
I Still Miss Someone
Thing Called Love
Give My Love To Rose
Next In Line
Home Of The Blues

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tell 'em Jonboy is Here: A Jonboy Langford Collection

            Whatever alternative country is (or has been), it's kind of hard to imagine it without the contributions of Jon Langford - starting, of course, with The Mekons, then on to his various solo projects, his collaborations with Sally Timms, Richard Buckner, and The Sadies, the Pine Valley Cosmonauts, and, of course, his work with The Waco Brothers.  With that in mind, here's 18 tracks of Jon Langford in all his various guises.  Oh, and befitting his status as the hardest working man in alternative country (you should also check out his artwork), he's just put out a single to benefit a foundation to provide free music tuition to people in Wales.  Lastly, if you're wondering a track from his Pine Valley Cosmonauts tribute album to Johnny Cash isn't on the compilation, it's because I noticed that the album was out of print.  So I'll post that next week.


Hole in the Ground The Mekons
Tubby Brothers Jon Langford
Plenty Tough Union Made Waco Brothers
Maverick Mekons
From Attic To Basement Richard Buckner And Jon Langford
Sweet Kind Of Love Pine Valley Cosmonauts
Junco Partner Jon Langford
Dark Sun Sally Timms & John Langford
The Fame Of Lofty Deeds Jon Langford
Strange Ways to Win Wars Jon Langford & Skull Orchard
Teeth Mekons
Amnesia The Mekons
Up To My Neck In This Jon Langford And The Sadies
Revolution Blues Waco Brothers
Road to Florida Mekons
Nothing to Say Waco Brothers
White Freightliner Blues John Langford & Sally Timms & John Rice
Over the Cliff Jon Langford's Hillbilly Lovechild

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Short Cuts soundtrack

      I was in beautiful central California last weekend (for a cousin's wedding) and brought along Jennifer Egan's  novel "A Visit from the Goon Squad".  As I was finishing it (it's very good, btw), I was thinking how about it might be made into a movie - which, in turn, made me think of Short Cuts, the 1993 California based movie which is based on several different Raymond Carver short stories.  So, of course, when I got home, I listened to the Short Cuts soundtrack.  While pulling the cd out, I realized it was on the ill-fated Imago label (along with Aimee Mann's first two albums) and probably out of print.  Which it is, so enjoy! :) And after listening to it, you should definitely check out the movie - the director Robert Altman is at the top of his game.


Open On Helicopters (Sound Effect) Sound Effect
Conversation On A Barstool Annie Ross & Low Note Quintet
To Hell With Love Annie Ross & Low Note Quintet
Punishing Kiss Annie Ross & Low Note Quintet
Cello Concerto In B Minor Lori Singer & The Trout Quartet
Blue Annie Ross & Low Note Quintet
Evil California (These Blues) Annie Ross & The Low Note Quintet With Iggy Pop & Anthony Coleman
Berceuse From "The Firebird Suite" Lori Singer
A Thousand Years Annie Ross & Low Note Quintet
Cello Concerto No. 2, Opus 30-First Movement Lori Singer & The Trout Quartet
Imitation Of A Kiss Annie Ross And The Low Note Quintet With Roy Nathanson
Full Moon Annie Ross & The Low Note Quintet With Michael Stipe, Steven Bernstein, & Dave Tronzo
I Don't Know You Annie Ross And The Low Note Quintet With Dave Tronzo And Lori Singer
Nothing Can Stop Me Now Low Note Quintet
Earthquake Into Low Note (Sound Effect) Sound Effect
Ending Credits Music: Medley - Prisoner Of Life / I'm Gonna Go Fishin' Annie Ross And The Low Note Quintet With Lenny Pickett
How Does She Do It So Quickly? Thomas Tree & Cory J. Coppage

Thursday, August 2, 2012

More Bobby Womack and Sam Cooke

  As promised, here's disc two of Bobby Womack and Sam Cooke.  Another thing about them that I like that I didn't mention last week is there respective affection for country music.  So, of course, I had to feature a country music cover from each of them.  I think I take Sam's Tennessee Waltz over Bobby's Point of No Return, but ymmv.  Oh, and I also didn't mention last week how good the SAR Records set is - a ton of great gospel and soul from Sam Cooke's label including, but not limited to, Bobby and Sam.


These Foolish Things Sam Cooke
Just My Imagination Bobby Womack
Cloud of Unknowing  Bobby Womack (w/Gorillaz)
Lost And Lookin' Sam Cooke
Point Of No Return Bobby Womack
Tennessee Waltz Sam Cooke
Cousin Of Mine Sam Cooke
One More Chance On Love Bobby Womack
Nearer To Thee Sam Cooke
Yield Not To Temptation The Womack Brothers
And I Love Her Bobby Womack
Don't Cry On My Shoulder Sam Cooke
Yes, Jesus Loves Me Bobby Womack
Bill Bailey Sam Cooke
I Lost Everything Sam Cooke
I'm In Love Bobby Womack