Friday, February 26, 2016

My Heart Cries Oh: Rare Soul from the 60s and 70s

       In the liner notes to the cd (see my post from several years back)  that accompanied the publication of his sublime book Sweet Soul Music, Gurlanick talks about interviewing a dj named Skippy White who told Guralnick not to overlook all of the less well-know soul acts in his book, as they were an equally important part of the history of soul music.  Now, I realize there are a lot of folks who know are far more knowledgeable about soul music, especially the rare stuff.  But, that's never stopped me before and more importantly, there's so much great overlooked material from the 60s and 70s.   And even if some of the acts were just one hit (well non-hit), there's a lot more folks who were just victims of bad luck, bad deals, historical circumstances like Little Ben of Little Ben and the Cheers (pictured at the left) going to fight in Vietnam.   So here's the first two volumes of my four volume set.

Volume I

Beggar of Love Little Ben and the Cheers
Too Late to Cry The Commands
Love Don't Love Nobody Ella Brown
I Am Controlled By Your Love Helene Smith
Trying My Best To Find Her The Notations
Sweatin'  Alvin Cash & The Crawlers
Go Go Train  Eddy G. Giles
Bui Bui L. Hollis & the Mackadoos
Groove Me Mamma Eddie Steele
Gotta Find My Man Linda Mackey
Girls Girls Girls The Young Disciples Co.
One Heart The Emanons
A Woman's Love Joe Valentine
Have Fun Ann Cole
I've Lived The Life Marva W. Taylor
Love Game (From A To Z) The Royal Jokers
Can't See Myself Doing You Wrong Milt Matthews Inc
I've Got To Cry Chris Hamilton
Darling Please Do Not Take My Love Moody Scott
Self Preservation Bill Brandon

 Volume II

There's Gonna Be Some Crying Small Paul
Count to Ten Frankie & The Spindles
Smalltown Girl Jimmy Tig &The Rounders
My Heart Cries Oh Fred Hughes
A Lady's Man The Volcanos
I'm Gone Eddie Parker
Instrumental #1 Richard Terry & Company
The Funky Judge Bull & the Matadors
Wait Bobbie Smith
Caught Making Love Roger Hatcher
Sam Stone Swamp Dogg
I Paid For The Party The Enchanters
Meet Me In Church Don Varner
Wouldn't It Be A Pleasure Jay Rhythm
Down In the Country Tee Fletcher
Bold Soul Sister, Bold Soul Brother Black On White Affair
That Thing Is Green Bob Smith and the Boo-Koos
Say You Will Willie Small
When a Boy Loves a Girl The Vows
Dreamers Hall of Fame Jeb Stuart