Saturday, July 28, 2018

Where There's a (Hal) Willner

      I'm sitting here trying to write just a little something about Hal Willner and my mind is, well, not blank, but more like congested.  It's just really hard (at least for me) to do proper justice to the musical force that is Hal Willner.  I'll just say he's a producer who's been involved with innumerable interesting projects with an incredible number of performers and I'll let a New York Times feature on him from last year do the rest.  As for the compilation below, I took a cut from each of the fifteen musical projects he produced including a track from the out of print soundtrack to Short Cuts.  All of the stuff he's worked on has its charms - if I had to recommend one, though, I'd go with Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys.   


The Traitor Martha Wainwright
As Long As I Live Shannon McNally
Sango Montamaria Hal Willner
The Great Hall Henry Threadgill
Leaving Of Liverpool Shane MacGowan
Lowlands Low Bryan Ferry & Antony
Ulalume Jeff Buckley
Monk's Mood Sharon Freeman
Sugar Baby Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Juliet Of The Spirits Bill Frisell
Heigh Ho Tom Waits
Jump Monk Don Alias/Michael Blair/Art Baron/Bill Frisell/Gary Lucas/Greg Cohen
Warning To Young Couples  William S. Burroughs
Evil California (These Blues) Annie Ross & The Low Note Quintet With Iggy Pop &Anthony Coleman
Lonely House from Street Scene Betty Carter