Sunday, March 27, 2022

Ain't That Fine: A Ray Charles Collection - Volume 3

As promised, here is the third Volume of my Ray Charles compilation.  As I noted last month, I tried to focus solely on his lesser known material, but I couldn't resist starting this volume with It Had to Be You, even though I kind of always assumed that it was one of his bigger hits.  I haven't seen the movie in more than 30 years, but I thought that his version of the song was in When Harry Met Sally (it's Frank Sinatra's).  It's also not on any of his many Greatest Hits collections.  So I feel a little better about including it in this volume, but now I'm a little dismayed that Ray's version isn't more well-known as it's just a perfect interpretation, imho.  Anyway, hope folks enjoy this third volume.

It Had to Be You
Blue Genius
Let Me Hear You Call My Name (St. Pete Blues)
What Would I Do Without You?
The Cincinnati Kid
Oh, Lonesome Me
Ol' Man Time
Smack Dab in the Middle
Somebody Ought To Write A Book About It
Here We Go Again
Down In The Valley
Zig Zag
Who You Gonna Love
Mary Ann
Ain't That Fine
That's Enough