Thursday, June 30, 2022

The Texas Legends Series: Volume Six - Joe Ely, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, and Butch Hancock

 I know this was a rather obvious choice for the Texas Legends series, but that doesn't mean it isn't sorely needed (especially when I discovered that most of Butch Hancock's solo stuff is out of print).  I also like to do homages to artists that are still making music, so it's worth mentioning that the Flatlanders 2021 release, Treasure of Lovewas very good, albeit a little inconsistent.  Hope everyone likes it.  I also re-upped the previous five Texas Legends series compilations. 


Hello, Stranger (live)

Butch Hancock & Jimmie Dale Gilmore

Way Downtown

Jimmie Dale Gilmore with The Wronglers

Row Of Dominoes

Joe Ely

Queen Of Heaven

Joe Ely

Perfection In The Mud

Butch Hancock

Chase the Wind

Jimmie Dale Gilmore

Going Away

The Flatlanders

Just a Wave, Not the Water

Jimmie Dale Gilmore

Roll Around

Butch Hancock

Goodbye Old Missoula

Jimmie Dale Gilmore

Ranches and Rivers

Joe Ely

Braver Newer World

Jimmie Dale Gilmore

West Texas Waltz

Joe Ely

Mobile Blue

The Flatlanders

South Wind Of Summer

The Flatlanders


Butch Hancock

Keeper Of The Mountain

The Flatlanders

Another Colorado

Jimmie Dale Gilmore

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Thirty Odes to Los Angeles

       In putting together this Los Angeles themed compilation, I decided to exclude songs that were really songs about California or were primarily focused on Hollywood related themes.  Instead, I tried to only use songs that were about Los Angeles or a particular landmark or street in Los Angeles.  It's nowhere as noirish as I though it would turn out to be, but maybe it's partly about the fact that a lot of of folks who are singing about Los Angeles aren't from there.  Anyway, hope both Angelenos and non-Angelenos enjoy it.  (I also re-upped the compilation "L.A. is the Place For Me" which features mid and late 1960s acts that recorded in Los Angeles.)


  Disc 1

A Night in LA

Ry Cooder

East L.A.


Ode to L.A.

The Raveonettes

Drinking in L.A.

Bran Van 3000

Los Angeles


This Town

The Go-Go's

Los Angeles


Hello L.A., Bye Bye Birmingham

Bobby Whitlock

Coming into Los Angeles

Arlo Guthrie

Old L.A.

New Multitudes



Whittier Blvd.

Thee Midniters

Funky L.A.

Paul Hemphrey & His Cool Aid Chemists

The Recipe

Kendrick Lamar

Leaving LA

Father John Misty

Disc 2

Let Me Back In

Rilo Kiley

Come A Long Way

Michelle Shocked

Went Looking for Warren Zevon's Los Angeles


L.A. Blues

Tom T. Hall

Los Angeles

Margot & The Nuclear So & So's

Screenwriter's Blues

Soul Coughing

Back In L.A.

B.B. King

I Left My Wallet in El Segundo

A Tribe Called Quest

Blues for Los Angeles

Bill Frisell


Elliott Smith

Los Angeles


Los Angeles Mood (Chromium Descensions)

Tom Waits

Los Angeles Blues

Johnny Moore's Three Blazers

Angeles Crest

Chelsea Williams

Los Angeles

Joe Williams