Thursday, September 24, 2009

Funny How the Circle is a Wheel

Back in the late 90s when I was doing my alt-country radio show, I acquired a tape of someone else's radio show (I kinda forget exactly how). Anyway, it became a mainstay in the box of cassettes I kept in my car. Due to the 60s-70s country vibe of many of the songs, I especially found myself listening to it anytime I found myself driving around on back roads on fall afternoons. So since the cassette got kinda worn out, I thought I'd take some of my faves from the tape and add some like-minded songs.

I'll Be Around Bobby Bare Jr.
Pack Up Your Sorrows Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison
I Turned a Corner Paul Burch & the WPA Ballclub
I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am Merle Haggard
Mountain Girl Blue Mountain
Me And Paul Willie Nelson
Warmth & Beauty Thad Cockrell
Where Have All The Average People Gone Roger Miller
We Go Together Tammy Wynette & George Jones
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues Emmylou Harris
It's Alright Bobby Bare
Take Me Home, Country Roads Lynn Anderson
1970 #1 Song Cadillac Terry Radigan
Two Angels The Jayhawks
Full Circle Song Gene Clark
Sneaky Snake Tom T. Hall
Jennifer Johnson and Me Robert Earl Keen, Jr.
Forever and Ever, Amen Randy Travis
No Depression Uncle Tupelo
Blanket on the Ground Billie Jo Spears

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Well Fancy That: The Terry Hall Collection

I was just a bit too young to go see The Specials, but I'm proud to say that I altered my drivers permit so I could see what turned out to be (I think) the final show of Fun Boy Three at the Ritz in New York in 1983. Though I don't remember too much about the show and I think I went primarily because of their connection to The Specials. I didn't really keep up with Terry Hall's 90s and 00s output, but I've always loved Waiting and the first Colourfield album (and ep) and never sound dated (at least to these ears.) So here's a couple mixtapes featuring The Fun Boy Three and Colourfield as well as some of Terry's later work.

Disc One

Murder She Said The Fun Boy Three
The More I See (The Less I Believe) The Fun Boy Three
Castles In The Air The Colourfield
Grief Disguised As Joy Terry Hall
Sanctuary The Fun Boy Three
The Colourfield The Colourfield
Alone The Fun Boy Three
Ballad of a Landlord (Acoustic) Terry Hall
Fishbones and Scaredy Cats Terry, Blair & Anouchka
Badlands Colourfield
Frosty Morning The Colourfield
T'aint What You Do (It's The Way That You Do It) The Fun Boy Three
Forever J Terry Hall
Things We Do The Fun Boy Three
Hammond Song Colourfield

Disc Two

I Can't Get Enough Of You Baby Colourfield
Going Home The Fun Boy Three
We're Having All The Fun The Fun Boy Three
Tip Of My Tongue Vegas
Pushing Up Daisies The Colourfield
Way On Down The Fun Boy Three
Music to Watch Girls By Terry Hall
Problem Is Dub Pistols (featuring Terry Hall)
Miss Texas 1967 Colourfield
Yours Sincerely The Colourfield
Summertime (Extended 12'' Mix) Fun Boy Three
This Guy's In Love With You Terry Hall
The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum The Fun Boy
Three Armchair Theater The Colourfield
Well Fancy That! The Fun Boy Three

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Emmy and Nancy

Commuting to work by train as I do, I seem to gravitate to the twangy stuff for my morning ride in the fall. So here's a mixtape featuring Emmylou Harris and Nanci Griffith - with an emphasis on their albums from the 80s. (Oh, and if you hear a few crackles - well, some of the mp3s were burned from vinyl and I'm too lazy to do all that high-falutin' digital editing.)

Ooh Las Vegas Emmylou Harris
I Wish It Would Rain Nanci Griffith
It's Only Rock & Roll Emmylou Harris
In My Dreams Emmylou Harris
If I Were The Woman You Wanted Nanci Griffith
You're Supposed To Be Feeling Good Emmylou Harris
Spin On A Red Brick Floor Nanci Griffith
Feelin' Single - Seein' Double Emmylou Harris
Mary & Omie Nanci Griffith
Ashes By Now Emmylou Harris
Love Wore a Halo (Back Before the War) Nanci Griffith
I Would Change My Life Nanci Griffith
Mystery Train Emmylou Harris
Ballad Of Robin Winter-Smith Nanci Griffith
Amarillo Emmylou Harris
One of These Days Nanci Griffith
Love Is A Hard Waltz Nanci Griffith
Sin City Emmylou Harris
White Line Emmylou Harris
Sweet Dreams Will Come Nanci Griffith

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm Committed to Elvis

I'm pretty sure I got my first Elvis Costello record back in 1982 - I think it was Armed Forces. I can't say I haven't been a bit disappointed, or sometimes just felt a little blah, with some of the releases over the last 20 years. Still the guy is prolific. And some of the latter day Elvis albums really do hold up to his earlier work. So tonight I give you an Elvis career retrospective - proceeding chronologically, there's one cut from each of his albums (including compilations like Taking Liberties and Out of Our Idiot).

Download Disc One

I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
Less Than Zero
The Beat
Oliver's Army
Clowntime Is Over
Too Far Gone
From A Whisper To A Scream
Shabby Doll
Everyday I Write The Book
Room With No Number
Tokyo Storm Warning
Brilliant Mistake
The Flirting Kind
Pads, Paws and Claws

Georgie And Her Rival
I Almost Had A Weakness
Smack 'im!
13 Steps Lead Down
Weird Nightmare
Shallow Grave
God Give Me Strength
I'm In The Mood Again
That's How You Got Killed Before
Who's Gonna Help Brother Get Further?
Go Away
My All Time Doll