Thursday, June 26, 2014

I Like the Sound of that Tweedy Fellow

     When Bob Dylan, Wilco, and My Morning Jacket played a couple of shows together, one writer labeled it as the ultimate "Dad Rock" event.  I couldn't help but feel more than a bit older than I had just seconds before reading it, but I couldn't deny there was at least a little truth to the moniker. Nonetheless, it didn't deter me from putting together a compilation covering all of Jeff Tweedy's musical ventures over the last 25 years.  In doing so, I was impressed by how many "white guy rock" (for lack of a better term) subgenres he's at least dabbled in - punk, folk-rock, experimental indie rock, classic rock, prog rock, and of course, alternative country. I guess, as Tweedy himself say, one "shouldn't be ashamed" of their enduring fondness for Dad Rock.  Also, fyi, he's got a new solo album coming out in September with his son playing drums.  

Download all three discs

Disc I

When the Roses Bloom Again Billy Bragg & Wilco
Deeper Down Wilco
No More Poetry Wilco
Black Eye Uncle Tupelo
Me Avive Wilco
War on War Wilco
Ever Fallen In Love Wilco
Just A Kid Wilco
Speak Into The Rose Wilco
No Sense In Lovin' Uncle Tupelo
The Family Gardener The Minus Five
Dash 7 Wilco
Disc Two
I Love My Label Wilco
Childlike & Evergreen Wilco
Handshake Drugs Wilco
Behold Jeff Tweedy in the Darkness Deerhoof with Jeff Tweedy
Listen To Her Heart Wilco
Peace, Love And Understanding Golden Smog
Joe Dimaggio Done It Again Billy Bragg & Wilco
Gun Uncle Tupelo
James Alley Blues Wilco
I'm Into Something Good Wilco
Blasting Fonda Wilco
How to Fight Loneliness Wilco
Disc Three
Far, Far Away Wilco
Screen Door Uncle Tupelo
Alone (Shakin Sugar) Wilco
I Might Wilco
Cock In My Pocket Wilco
Sugar, Baby Wilco (w/Roger McGuinn)
Sky Blue Sky Wilco
The Ruling Class Loose Fur
Any Major Dude Will Tell You Wilco
Cars Can't Escape Wilco
One By One Billy Bragg & Wilco
True Love Will Find You In The End Wilco