Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Gillian!!

     Tonight, I'm posting the second volume of my Gillian Welch compilation.  First, I'd like to thank the site spontaneous wednesday for their comprehensive collection of Gillian Welch live shows. Indeed, there are so many good live Gillian tracks that I probably could have made a 3 volume collection.  But for now, you'll just have to make do with two discs of Gillian's genius.  (I was actually going to call the compilation The Genius of Gillian or Gillian's Genius, but it seemed, I dunno, a tad obvious.)

Appalachacola Bound
Unfinished Business
Company Grave Blues
In Tall Buildings
My Morphine
Everything Is Free
Miners Prayer
Jesus on the Mainline
Why He Needs Me
Dark As A Dungeon
Leaving Train
Hickory Wind
Only One And Only

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Only One and Only Gillian Welch

      Well, it's that time of year when I tend to feature a a female alt-country star (Neko Case), Kelly Willis, Lucinda Williams, Iris DeMent), so this year I thought it was high time for a Gillian Welch compilation.  There's one cut from each of her formal releases and the rest is contributions to tribute albums and soundtracks, duets, and a lot of live tracks.  Disc Two  arrives next week.


Beulah Land
Pretty Flowers
Summer Evening
Silver Dagger
I've Been Down Before
Gold Watch And Chain
I'll Fly Away
Wind And Rain
One Monkey
Black Star
Tonight I'll Be Stayin' Here with You
White Rabbit

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Just Don't Know What to do With Myself - Volume 4

     Yes, it's time again for my annual anti-Valentine's day compilation.  However, this year, I decided to make the compiling a little harder by restricting it only to duets.  Actually, it was a lot harder than I thought which is why I had to include some artists I'd already featured in the series and why there's more country music than usual (there just don't seem to be that many truly sad soul duets).   Btw, I've also re-upped Vol 1, Vol 2, and Vol 3 in case folks are really in need of more sad stuff.


You Wrecked Up My Heart Buddy Miller
Portland Oregan feat. Jack White Loretta Lynn
Burning House of Love X
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around Stevie Nicks w/ Tom Petty 
No Memories Hangin' 'round Rosanne Cash
Let's Invite Them Over John Prine
Those Lonely, Lonely Nights Katie Webster
We'll Burn Together Robbie Fulks
Sad Wedding Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
Two Different Things Caitlin Cary & Thad Cockrell
We Get Along Just Fine (When We're Apart) Crazy Heart
The Last Thing On My Mind Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner
No Longer A Sweetheart Of Mine Suzanne Cox and Ronnie Reno
We'll Never Love Again (With Jan Howard) Wynn Stewart
Waltzing On The Titanic Lonesome Bob
Love Hurts Gram Parsons
Crying (With K.D. Lang) Roy Orbison
Two Story House George Jones and Tammy Wynette
You Won't Be Satisfied (Until You Break My Heart) Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
What Do You Do / The Glory Of Love Lyle Lovett and Francine Reed

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Return of the 90s Indie Goddesses

    Since Mazzy Star just put out a couple of singles (one of them leads off the compilation), I decided that I needed to do another 90s Indie Goddess mix, albeit one with more emphasis on the mellow stuff (and with some of the bands folks recommended in the comments section when I posted Volumes 1&2 - which I'm re-upping as I type.)  And once again, feel free to indulge in as much cultural nostalgia for the 90s as you wish. :)


Lay Myself Down Mazzy Star
Tuesday Night Kristin Hersh
Untogether Belly
Full Moon, Empty Heart Belly
For No One Else The Spinanes
Uncle June And Aunt Kiyoti Kristin Hersh
Divorce Song Liz Phair
The Lights Juliana Hatfield
Shining Road Cranes
When I Die Lush
Into Dust Mazzy Star
Screaming Angels Dancing In Your Garden Lisa Germano
Judas My Heart Belly
Dylan Throwing Muses
Give You My Lovin' Mazzy Star
Chopsticks Liz Phair