Sunday, July 27, 2014

An Homage to Jo Carol Pierce: Across the Great Divide, Bad Girls Upset by the Truth, and Songs from Chippy

   It's another bright sunny afternoon here in the Northeast (even though I am currently inside), so I thought some Texas alternative country music was in store.   Specifically a trio of out of print albums from the 1990s all featuring Jo Carol Pierce: Across the Great Divide, an album of Austinites covering Jo Carol Pierce songs; Pierce's own release Bad Girls Upset by the Truth; and Songs from Chippy which features (among others) Pierce, Wayne Hancock, Terry and Jo Harvey Allen, Butch Hancock, and Robert Earl Keen.  I know it's a little blasphemous, but I like the covers album best -  a few missteps and perhaps a little dated twenty years after its release, but most of the performances and songwriting still hold up well.

Across the Great Divide

Sacrifical Island Tombstone Psycomotor
Queen Of Heaven Joe Ely
Across The Great Divide Kris McKay
My Boyfriend Pork with Alejandro Escovedo
Ruby Loose Diamonds
Scratch Upon Her Windowpane Darden Smith
Something More Lords Of Love
Jim Henry Henley Spot Removal
Reunion Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Heaven And Hell (Their Exact Location) Michael Hall
Does God Have Us By Twat Or What ? Girls In The Nose
You Bother Me The Wannabes
Buttons Of Your Skin Lisa Mednick
Loose Diamond David Halley & Rich & Katy Brotherton
Borderline Tango Shoulders
Secret Dan The Namedroppers
Blue Norther Gretchen Phillips & Kathy McCarty
I Blame God Terry Allen
Apocalyptic Horses Robert Jacks & Kim Longacre

Bad Girls Upset by the Truth

You Bother Me
Blue Norther
Secret Dan
Across the Great Divide
Scratch upon Her Windowpane
Borderline Tango
I Blame God
Does God Have Us by the Twat or What?
Loose Diamonds
Daddy's Song
Apocalyptic Horses
Vaginal Angel

Songs From Chippy

Goodnight Dear Diary Joe Ely
Across The Great Divide Jo Carol Pierce
Chippy Narration Jo Harvey Allen
Buildin' More Fires Joe Ely
Wind's Gonna Blow You Away Butch Hancock
Gonna California Terry Allen
Thunderstorms & Neon Signs Wayne Hancock
Fate With A Capital F Joe Ely & Terry Allen
The Way I Was Raised Jo Harvey Allen
Cup Of Tea Jo Harvey Allen & Joe Ely
Tongues Jo Carol Pierce
Low Lights Of Town Butch Hancock
I Blame God Jo Carol Pierce
Oil Wells Jo Harvey Allen &amp Joe Ely
Cold Black Hammer Joe Ely
Boomtown Boogie Butch Hancock, Terry Allen, Jo Carol Pierce, & Joe Ely
Back To Black Wayne Hancock
Just Dancin' Jo Harvey Allen & Barry Tubb
Whiskey And Women And Money To Burn Joe Ely
Morning Goodness Robert Earl Keen & Butch Hancock
Angels Of The Wind Terry Allen
Roll Around Butch Hancock
Goodnight Joe Ely


drfeelgoed said...

Nice one, thanks!

BB said...

"Bad girls" made me LOL at times.

Ishkabibliophile said...


Quite welcome!

Jo Carol would be proud. :)

M_Sharp said...

Thanks for the Jo Carol Pierce! I had the pleasure of seeing "Chippy" when it opened in Philadelphia. It's an amazing cast and was a lot of fun. I hope to see another appearance by Terry Allen some day.

LakerCrazy said...

Thanks Ish. Great tunes.

Ishkabibliophile said...

@M Sharp and lakercrazy,

Glad to do it. And jealous of M. Sharp for getting to see the stage version of Chippy. re Terry Allen - it's too bad he hasn't released anything in a long time. I wonder if he's focusing more on his artwork.

M_Sharp said...

Hi Ishka-

Terry released an album last year "Bottom Of The World", it's on Amazon. It's a good one, very low key.

I don't remember why they chose Philly to open Chippy, maybe because it was under the radar, but I was fine with it!

His web site doesn't show much activity for music or art, I hope he's doing fine, I'd love to see him & Jo Carol again.

Here's a link for a fine TA show from 2007. I grabbed it a while ago, the top section of download links in bold face type seem to still be active; I tested the first one. They're flacs, you'll need to convert them. Enjoy!

Ishkabibliophile said...

Thanks for the link (I'm downloading it as I type) and the update on Terry. Very glad to see he's still musically active (after I get the boots, I'm going to go get his new releases.


zephyr said...

Many thanks Ishka it looks a great album

Ishkabibliophile said...


I like all three of them, but my fave is definitely Across the Great Divide.

p.s. I just discovered your blog - very cool!

Ixca Cienfuegos said...

Thank you for Across the Great Divide.

Do you have any more by Terry Allen?

Great Blog!

Ishkabibliophile said...

Quite welcome. I have been thinking about pairing Terry Allen with another artist for a comp - just trying to figure out who. :)


Scraps said...

Oh Oh Oh I finally tracked down Bad Girls Upset by the Truth! Here! And it's gone! Waaaah!

I have Across the Great Divide, which is awesome, anyway.


Ishkabibliophile said...


I re-upped all of them. Enjoy!


Scraps said...

Oh man! THANK you!

Ixca Cienfuegos said...

Thank you for the update! I can't wait to give these a listen.