Thursday, December 27, 2012

On the Right Side of 2012

     It's my annual "best of" (actually I prefer "my favorites") compilation  and I must confess I always feel a little self-conscious about this one in a way that I rarely do about my other compilations.  Not so much about how it will be received, but more along the lines, "so this is the kind of music I listen to....Are my tastes too stereotypically 40something? Am I in a bit of rut in terms of expanding my palette? But I'm over it now. :) I should also mention that there were a few artists I left off because they had appeared on the best of 2010 or best of 2011 comps.  Anyway, happy listening and a Happy New Year to all!


Hang Loose Alabama Shakes
3 Pears Dwight Yoakam
Please Return To Jesus Bap Kennedy
Slip and Roll Aimee Mann
Leonard Sharon Van Etten
Magic Summertime Eleni Mandell
Blackwind Patrick Watson
Tell Me A Tale Michael Kiwanuka
Who David Byrne & St. Vincent
Dirty Money Antibalas
All Your Gold Bat For Lashes
Sweet Life Frank Ocean
Montauk Rufus Wainwright
The Kingdom Has Already Come Iris Dement
Adam and Eve Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson
Yet Again Grizzly Bear
Splitter Calexico
Human Being Cat Power
I Like To Keep Myself In Pain Kelly Hogan
Deep River Bobby Womack


LakerCrazy said...

Thanks Ish.Excellent choices.I didn't see any "Mitch Miller" or "Lawrence Welk" on the forget the AARP for awhile. Lol
May the New Year bring you
Peace Joy And Serenity

Ishkabibliophile said...


I guess feeling old is relative, isn't it. :)

Jerry Lee said...

Thanks man, there's a lot of stuff here I haven't heard yet. I used to worry about having 40-something tastes until I finally realized that a lot of the 20-something music really sucks! It's a shame a lot of these people don't listen to Dwight, Kelly Hogan, and Bobby Womack.

Ishkabibliophile said...

@Jerry Lee,

I do like some of the 20something stuff, but I also think some of the stuff is overly derivative of earlier genres and subgenres. On the other hand, I must say it's probably difficult to avoid being at least a little derivative these days.