Thursday, May 21, 2009

Songs for the Front Porch

Before there was alternative country.... well, there was a lot of good "alternative country" that just wasn't called alternative country. :) Three of my favorite alt-country albums back in the early 1990s were Robert Earl Keen's No Kinda Dancer (originally came out in 1984, but then reissued in 1989), Junior Brown's "12 Shades of Brown", and Walter Hyatt's "King Tears". I don't know why I put those three together on a mixtape back in 1990, but I think they still sound good together. While No Kinda Dancer isn't Keen's best (his singing got a lot better for No Kinda Dancer), there's still a bunch of strong songs and I think 12 Shades of Brown and King Tears are, respectively, Brown and Hyatt's best work. In particular, King Tears is one of the truly underappreciated gems of the 1990s.

My Baby Don't Dance To Nothin' But Earnest Tubb Junior Brown
Swervin' In My Lane Robert Earl Keen
Ruby Walter Hyatt
Willie Robert Earl Keen
Moan All Night Long Junior Brown
Outside Looking Out Walter Hyatt
Que Reste-T-Il de Nos Amours? Walter Hyatt
Broke Down South Of Dallas Junior Brown
Freeborn Man Junior Brown
Situé Walter Hyatt
No Kinda Dancer Robert Earl Keen
Coconut Island Junior Brown
Aloha Walter Hyatt
Song For Kathy Robert Earl Keen

Tell Me Baby Walter Hyatt
The Front Porch Song Robert Earl Keen
This Time, Lucille Walter Hyatt
What's Left Just Won't Go Right Junior Brown
Too Many Nights In A Roadhouse Junior Brown
Young Lovers Waltz Robert Earl Keen
Blind Love Blues Walter Hyatt
A Way To Survive Junior Brown
In November Walter Hyatt
Rolling By Robert Earl Keen
Death Of Tail Fitzsimmons Robert Earl Keen
Baby Let The Bad Times Be Junior Brown
King Tears Walter Hyatt
Hillbilly Hula Gal Junior Brown


Unknown said...

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Marc said...

Great set. I got one thing to say: "This old porch is just a steamin' greasy plate of enchilads."

Ishkabibliophile said...

I woulda sworn you'd say "and a wacamole salad" :)