Thursday, March 1, 2018

Alternative Country in the Aughties - Volumes One and Two

       In an early Seinfeld episode, Kramer and Newman debate whether or not Tuesday and Wednesday have a "feel".  I'm not sure where I stand on that issue, but I was thinking about the idea of feel when putting together this compilation of alternative country music from the 2000s (i.e. the Aughties).  Specifically, I don't really discern a distinctive sound in the alternative country from that decade in the way that I do when listening to alternative country from the 1990s.  My 51 year old ears may be failing me so I've re-upped my 1990s alternative country compilations to let folks compare.  I did not include any acts that appeared on the 90s compilations, but I did include some of the bigger acts from both eras that I left off on the 90s compilations.   Volume One and Two are both one download (and I'll post Volumes Three and  Four in a month).

Download both Volumes

Volume One

Andy Neko Case
Wave Alejandro Escovedo
Fine Lines Bosque Brown
Murder Ballad In G Minor The Rosewood Thieves
Graveyard Grayson Capps
Stop and Think It Over Sarah Borges & Broken Singles
On a Monday The Detroit Cobras
Gimme Back My Dog Slobberbone
Closest (Look Out) Matt Pond PA
I've Got A Tender Heart Eleni Mandell
Why Go? Thad Cockrell
The Way That He Sings My Morning Jacket
Fair to Midland Dwight Yoakam
Blue Shadows Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Where Is My Love? Lucinda Williams
The Bluest Eyes In Texas A Camp

Volume Two

Melt Your Heart Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins
Six Year Drought James McMurtry
Hoping Wishers Never Lose, Richard Buckner
Fleur de Lis Slow Dazzle
The Pirate s Gospel Alela Diane
Railroad Bill Dave Alvin
Tell My Mother I Miss Her So Ryan Bingham
Sputnik 57 The Minus 5
Throwin' Away My Money Wayne Hancock
Slow Swinging Western Tunes Sunny Sweeney
Adelaide Old 97's
Your Adorable Beast Bobby Bare Jr's Young Criminals' Starvation League
Close Behind Calexico
I'm Wondering The Mavericks
Sap Freakwater
Sing Me to Sleep Allison Moorer


philippe said...


I'm downloading the last 2 volumes. A true labour of love A massive thx for your great work. Again I have discovered some new artists

The Aughties (a new word for me) are great but for me the halcyon days were in the previous decade perhaps because it was the beginning (so to say) of the alt. country movement
The Eighties were also unique more oriented towards cowpunk & roots rock influences like Jason & The Scorchers or The Beat Farmers
Just my humble opinion but my ears are older than yours so be lenient :-)

Many thx again Your blog is impressive

Regards, Philippe

Ishkabibliophile said...


Glad you like them. My ears are also pretty old now so I'm a fellow 80s roots rock fan. In fact, I've been thinking about doing a compilation of 80's roots rock - will probably take a few years before I get around to it, but it's definitely on horizon. If you want to do one in the meantime, I'd be happy to post it here.


philippe said...

Hi Ish

Many thx for re opening all those compilations so kindly. I will add a comment on each appropriate section

Good idea I will work on a roots rock sampler of the eighties during the next 2 weeks & send it to you ASAP via your email addi

Otherwise I was thinkng of a compilation of very rare & now forgotten artists from the eighties, the nineties & the early aughties like THe Barkers, The Highway Matrons,Big Wooden Radio, The New Patrons (of Husbandry), Haynes Boys, Buck 50,The Pawtuckets, Farmer Tan & so on Are U interested by this project ??? I will begin to compile all those nuggets with the other sampler

Have a great week end& thx again for spreading all those treats



Ishkabibliophile said...


I've only heard of the Pawtuckets and Haynes Boys, but definitely interested in the project. Looking forward to hearing (and posting it).


peerke said...


Just discovered your blog. Some great comps you've made.
Is it possible to re-up these Alternative Country compilations?



Ishkabibliophile said...


Just re-upped them. Enjoy!

peerke said...

Thanks Ish.
It's much appreciated.