Thursday, July 29, 2010

The True Ways of Tim Easton

At the Sadies show I went to last week, I was talking with someone about their lack of commercial success. I reasoned then that if they had been around 30-40 years ago, they probably would have had a hit single at some point. I still think that's partly true, but I also think that it's pretty much impossible for any band (i.e. most of what's called alternative country) to straddle the rock and country genres today whereas that wasn't the case in the 70s.* Case in point is tonight's featured artist - Mr. Tim Easton. He's put out five great solo albums (Okay, Ammunition isn't that great, but Porcupine is a real nice return to form), but I think the fact that his songs are "kinda" twangy has unfortunately limited his commercial success. On that note, if you're new to Tim Easton and like what you hear, I'd start with either Special 20 or Break Your Mother's Heart. (All of his stuff is also available on e-music, with the exception of his Haynes Boys album).

* Yes, there's Wilco, but only their first two albums can really be called alternative country.

Just Like Home
Burgundy Red
Get Some Lonesome
Amor Azul
Before The Revolution
I Wish You Well
Bitters Past
All the Pretty Girls Leave Town
Troublesome Kind
I Would Have Married You
True Ways


Anonymous said...

Your words make me feel successful, thanks. Check out to see what I've been up to out in the desert. Click on Multimedia in the top right corner, then FOUR QUEENSS video.
Also, click on HD in the corner of the screen to get the full monty.
Rock on.

Ishkabibliophile said...


Love the new song (and hope a new album is coming soon as well). The pix of Joshua Tree are also really amazing - almost makes a city boy want to move out to the country. :)