Thursday, July 8, 2010

Still Tripping on The Sadies - Volume 2

Since I'm hoping to go see The Sadies in a couple of weeks (and because they've just put out a great new cd Darker Circles), I thought it was time put together another Sadies mixtape (the first one is here). This one includes tracks from a couple of cds (Jon Langford's Mayors of the Moon and John Doe's Country Club) where The Sadies are basically the backing band.

Ten More Songs
One Million Songs
Snow Squadron
Tiger Tiger
Rat Creek
Strange Birds
I Tried Not To
Anna Leigh
The Bug Jar
The Starlight
Yours To Discover
Why Be So Curious (Part 3)
Whispering Circles
The Horseshoe
Stinking Creek
Glass Of Wine
Solitaire Song
Stop The World And Let Me Off
Lay Down Your Arms

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