Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dreaming With Jimmy and Roy

Like a lot of other folks, I’m really looking forward to the 4th season of Mad Men starting next Sunday. In addition to the writing, acting, clothing, etc., I like the fact that it’s set in the early 60s (though I imagine the 4th season will begin at some point in 1964). One of the things I find interesting about the time period is that you saw relatively little nostalgia for the era up until the mid/late 90s (the pretty brief Rat Pack/Swingers infatuation). See, my pop culture theory is that nostalgia for a time period is that it usually takes about 20 years – since the people who were 15-16 at the time are now 35-36 and capable of writing about it.

Now, I don’t really have any good explanations for why the early 60s defies this theory. Perhaps part of it may be attributed to the old canard that rock music died during this period (until the Beatles and Stones brought it back to life). Just to be clear, I cancelled my subscription to that canard a long time ago as I like a lot of the popular music from that time period. In particular, I’ve always liked the operatic quality a lot of that music had, exemplified by Roy Orbison and, on the jazz side, Jimmy Scott. It’s that operatic quality they both share, as well as the fact that they have so many so songs about dreams that I thought they’d go together well in a mixtape. (P.S. I cheated a little and used some of their material that wasn’t recorded in the early 1960s. Remember, I don’t have to be as historically accurate as Mad Men.)

In Dreams Roy Orbison
Street Of Dreams Jimmy Scott
My Prayer Roy Orbison
Stay With Me Jimmy Scott
Things That Are Love Jimmy Scott
The Actress Roy Orbison
Imagination Jimmy Scott
Shahdaroba Roy Orbison
The Crowd Roy Orbison
If I Should Lose You Jimmy Scott
Sweet Dreams Roy Orbison
I Have Dreamed Jimmy Scott
I Had A Love Once Jimmy Scott
Leah Roy Orbison
Dream Jimmy Scott

Disc Two

If You Are But A Dream Jimmy Scott
Lonely Wine Roy Orbison
Distant Dreams Roy Orbison
I Wish I Knew Jimmy Scott
Love Hurts Roy Orbison
There Is No Greater Love Jimmy Scott
Why Try to Change Me Now Jimmy Scott
The Great Pretender Roy Orbison
Don't Take Your Love From Me Jimmy Scott
Blue Angel Roy Orbison
What Good Would It Be Jimmy Scott
She Wears My Ring Roy Orbison
Beautiful Dreamer Roy Orbison
Unchained Melody Jimmy Scott
Dream Roy Orbison


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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, especially for Roy Orbison! So beautiful!
His version of "She Wears My Ring" is just one of few English versions of "La Golondrina", Mexican song of Narciso Serradell Sevilla. I love this song very much. There are more versions of this song, titled "La Golondrina"/"Las Golondrinas"/also"Adios Amor" of Lorenzo De Monteclaro/ etc... and now I have more than 480 versions /instrumentals & songs/ in Spanish,English,Portuguese,Dutch, Czech,French,German...etc... languages. Sure, I am searching for more. Anyone who is more interested and can help, please mail me at:
Thank you so much in advance.
Thank you, ZerO II, again, and regards!

Ishkabibliophile said...

@Zero II
Done and done. :0


That is a great song and I had no idea it was such a popular one.