Thursday, August 5, 2010

Richard Buckner and Elliott Smith - The Bards of Gen X

For reasons I won't go into here, I've always been suspicious of the term "voice of a generation". On the other hand, I've always kind of thought of Richard Buckner and Elliott Smith as well, ..... the voice of Gen X - or better yet, the voice of a small, but not insignificant subset of Gen X. (The social scientist in me always comes out.) Whatever you want to call them, they are two of my favorite artists and I think their stuff still holds up remarkably well. So here's two mixtapes (combined into one download) featuring album cuts, obscurities, live tracks, etc.

Disc One

Pull Richard Buckner
Tomorrow Tomorrow Elliott Smith
Pretty (Ugly Before) Elliott Smith
Lucky Buzz Richard Buckner
Angel In The Snow Elliott Smith
Sister Richard Buckner
When Love Is Gone Richard Buckner
kiwi maddog 20/20 Elliott Smith
Her Richard Buckner
Stickman Elliott Smith
Place Pigalle Elliott Smith
Hard Ground Richard Buckner
Wouldn't Mama Be Proud? Elliott Smith

Disc Two

Because Elliott Smith
Gauzy Dress in the Sun Richard Buckner
Oscar Hummel Richard Buckner
Needle In The Hay Elliott Smith
Do You Want To Go Somewhere? Richard Buckner
New Disaster Elliott Smith
Rose Parade Elliott Smith
Dusty from the Talk, Richard Buckner
A Living Will Elliott Smith
Mile Richard Buckner
Poor Old Tom Richard Buckner
A Passing Feeling Elliott Smith
Boys, The Night Will Bury You Richard Buckner


reservatory said...

Dunno why I never considered putting these two gigantic giants together. Thanks for taking the big step.

Ishkabibliophile said...


I think it came to me in a late night coffee induced haze. :) Hope you like the mixtapes.

Don said...

I love to find out about musicians I'd never heard of! Elliott Smith I knew and liked, but Buckner is new to me.

His write-up on AMG hits all of the right keys for me and it sounds like he will become a new favorite.


Sam said...

Hey, nice mix. Two of my favorite artists. I've been tryin' to track down as much Richard Buckner as possibly lately, even bought a NPR sessions CD off amazon, just so I could get a exclusive version of 'Ocean Cliff Clearing'. The only album I can't find is his 1998 promo CD release 'live at Schubas'. You don't have a copy of that you could post do you? Cheers, Sam

Ishkabibliophile said...


Always glad when people discover Buckner - I've alway loved his early stuff and his later stuff has really been growing on me as of late.

I don't think I have the Schuba's, but the captainsdead site has a great Buckner live box set

Speaking of live Buckner, does anyone know where I can find the Wild, Bitter Tales comp?