Thursday, July 5, 2012

Let's Take the Day Off: The New Girl Group Sounds

      Since I tend to feature a lot of "older" music (i.e. Gen Xer nostalgia stuff) on the show, I thought I'd put on my hipster fedora and put together a compilation of new girl groups - ya know, a variety of lo-fi, garage rock, indie pop, etc. The perfect soundtrack for driving to the beach or sitting in a kiddie pool drinking a Corona. :)  (And btw, I'm aware that some of these bands have boys in them.)


Let's Take the Day Off Denise James
The Box Veronica Falls
Girlfriend Island Frankie Rose and The Outs
Tomorrow Will Be Yesterday The Girls At Dawn
Yours Alone Dum Dum Girls
I'm Not Asleep Vivian Girls
This Is Real Best Coast
Each And Every Day Best Coast
Where Evil Grows Gore Gore Girls
Hip Check! The Come Ons
Vanishing of Time Vivian Girls
Break My Heart La Sera
Love Has Got Me Crying Again Denise James
Know Me Frankie Rose
Hang Around Grass Widow
Wild Eyes Vivian Girls
In My Head Dum Dum Girls
Let's Go Home Best Coast


Anonymous said...

this mix kicks sooo much ass

Ishkabibliophile said...


Glad you liked it.