Thursday, July 12, 2012

M. Ward and Upward

      First off, I apologize for the title of this compilation - it did seem fairly clever for about 23 minutes.  At any rate, I'm excited to go see M. Ward in August so I thought I'd put together a nice mixtape which ultimately ended up being a 2 disc compilation (the guy has a lot of b-sides, appearances on soundtracks, compilations, other people's albums, his side projects, etc.)   For the M. Wardniks, hopefully there's a few cuts you haven't heard before.  And for the newbies to M. Ward who want more, I'd start with Post-War, and then go on to Transfiguration of Vincent, End of Amnesia, Hold Time, and his more recent one, Wasteland Companion.


For Beginners
The Twist
Green River
Way It Goes
John King's Watercolor Bicycle
Ridin' In My Car
I Get Ideas
Cosmopolitan Pap
Crooked Lines
Color Of Water
One More Goodbye
Sweethearts On Parade


Niall said...

Many Thanks for some ones i've missed,here's the info on your choices,

1. For Beginners ( Hold Time LP 09’)
2. The Twist ( B-Side Primitive Girl 12’)
3. Green River (Creedence Clearwater Revival) (on Green River: Benefit For Mercy Corps 2005)
4. Way It Goes M. Ward with Vic Chesnutt & Howe Gelb – (Por Vida - A Tribute to the Songs of Alejandro Escovedo 2004)
5. John King's Watercolor Bicycle (Spanish label Acuarela Comp. track 01’)
6. Ridin' In My Car (Volume Two - She & Him 10’)
7. I Get Ideas (Louis Armstrong)( A Wasteland Companion 12’)
8. Cosmopolitan Pap (To Go Home EP 2007)
9. Crooked Lines (The Hottest State Picture Soundtrack 2007)
10. Color Of Water (End of Amnesia LP 01’)
11. One More Goodbye (Old Enough to Know Better Comp. track 04’)
12. Sweethearts On Parade (Transistor Radio LP 05’)

Ishkabibliophile said...

And thanks to you for the track information - especially the songwriting info (I didn't know I Get Ideas was a Louis Armstrong composition.)


Anonymous said...

Well, in fact 'I get ideas' is a cover of a 1927 tango called "Adios, Muchachos"
Thank you for the comp, MW is great!


Ishkabibliophile said...


Very cool! Thanks for the link.