Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nobody's Baby Now - Volume Two

           As summer is now clearly upon us, one's mind inevitably turns to pop music.   And even though Mad Men's fifth season is over, I thought another volume of 60s female singers pop and soul nuggets was in store. (The first volume can also still be downloaded, btw.)  And even though it's mostly lesser known artists, I couldn't resist including Francoise Hardy's Le Temps de L'Amour after watching Moonrise Kingdom.   (For those of you with an emusic subscription, several of the tracks came from a ridiculously cheap compilation entitled Cool 60s Girls (never mind the title).


What a Lonely Way to Start the Summertime Bitter Sweet
Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya Sandpaper
Are You Getting Tired Of Your Little Toy Darlene Paul
My Kind Of Boy Mary Saenz
Weak Spot Ruby Johnson
A Whole New Plan Jo Ann Garrett
Babe I'm Leaving You The Levee Breakers
Hullabaloo Joey Heatherton
You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry Billie Davis
It's So Fine Dee King
Come On Baby Kim D
Nobody But Me Ann Cole
Le Temps de l'Amour Francoise Hardy
Train song Vashti
Hey Mama you've been on my mind Caravelles
I Can`t Let Go Evie Sands
Splendour in the Grass Gullivers People
Then Only Then Julie Grant
Try Love The Sparkles
Going Back Where I Belong Sugar Pie DeSanto
If There's Anything Else You Want (Let Me Know) Roddy Joy 
My Heart Cries Tawny Reed


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the enjoyable compilation, even if I'm unfamiliar with some of the artists (or maybe because of). And I've been an admirer of Francoise Hardy since friends of my mother had several lps of hers way abck in the 70s.

Jerry Lee said...

Great stuff, man. Joey Heatherton was a smoking' hot piece of a** back in the day.

Ishkabibliophile said...

@anonymous & Jerry Lee,

Hope you like it. I figured I should give some of the lesser known (and in some cases, downright obscure) 60s artists some attention. I know Joey Heatherton achieved some fame as both singer and actress, but I think her recording career has been unfairly neglected given the notoriety of her later career (i.e. the Happy Hooker movie)

bubba said...

Any chance of re-upping this?
Seems to have been removed from M-fire.

Ishkabibliophile said...

Ask and ye shall receive