Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Town South of Bakersfield - Volumes 1 & 2

As promised last week, here's the out of print Town South of Bakersfield - Volumes 1 & 2. As you can see, it featured a lot of folks who would go onto much bigger things (which includes Pete Anderson of Pete and Big Shots). Volume 3, btw, is still available for purchase (it's not quite as good as Vol 1, but there's several standout track including the Coal Porters' Cracking at the Seams.) Anyway, here's some prime alternative country - before the term even existed. :)

What Am I Waiting For Jim Lauderdale
We Get Along Just Fine (When We're Apart) Crazy Heart
Mister Love Re Winkler, Anne Harvey & Ree Van Vleck
Tell Me A Lie Candye Kane
Driftin' Man Jeffrey Steele
Louisville Jann Browne
Let There Be Love Dave Durham
Dark Side Of Life Lucinda Williams
Venice Skyline Rag Pete & The Bigshots
Somewhere Down The Road James Intveld
Heartbreak Train Rosie Flores & Albert Lee
Baby, I'll Show You Billy Swan
Lonesome Pine The Lonesome Strangers
Love And Only Love Katy Moffatt
Big Big Love The Eddys
I'll Be Gone Dwight Yoakam
Happy Hour Tin Star
Waitin' Up George Highfill
I'm Not Over You Kathy Robertson
Same Old Fool Reach For The Sky


Paul said...

"Louisville" is a hidden gem. I'm going to have to find a copy of Browne's full album.

Ishkabibliophile said...


I totally agree - really too bad she never became a star

Paul said...

You might like the 4-part "alternative country" sampler mix found at the Singing In The Wire tumblr. Click on my name for the link.

Ishkabibliophile said...


I'm way ahead of you. :) I've downloaded them all (though I've only had time to listen to the Texas comp, which is pretty durn great.

Anonymous said...

Boo Hoo.
For once, one of your linx is foofing.
Any chance of a re-up, as this seems really good?

thanks Ish... if I may call you ish. Ishmael-ka-bible... wow, that's a loaded name.
One of the three little fishes...


Ishkabibliophile said...


Ask and ye shall receive. And yes, you may call me Ish. :)