Thursday, June 2, 2011

In the Winner's Circle With Paul Burch

I do realize the blog's been a little heavy on the alternative country lately, but I couldn't resist posting a Paul Burch mixtape tonight. Maybe it's just because his stuff is just made for sitting on a porch in the summer (not that I've lived in a place with a porch since college). And if you're a newbie to Mr. Burch, all his records are still available for purchase. (I recommend, in particular, Pan-American Flash, Wire to Wire, and Fool For Love.)

Winner's Circle
Life of a Fool
Can't Go Back To Baton Rouge
The Pilgrim (Chapter 33)
Waiting for My Ship
Mama Shoo'd the Blackbirds
Daddy Rhythm Guitar
Little Glass Of Wine
Carter Cain
Saturday Night Jamboree
Drifting Texas Sand
Baby I Ain't Gotta Do That No More
Living, Forgiving
Lovesick Blues Boy
How Do I Know?


drfeelgoed said...

Belated thanks for your post, I'm looking forward to his Buddy Holly tribute!

Ishkabibliophile said...


As am I - Burch covering Holly's songs should be an excellent match.