Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rig Rock Jukebox (and Truck Stop)

When doing my alternative country show in the 90s, I always had a fondness for compilation cds from a particular region/scene. One of my faves from this period was Rig Rock Jukebox - a collection from the Diesel Only label of primarily New York City based alt-country acts (actually, the cd came out several years before that term was coined. It's been out of print for some time now, as is the follow-up collection from Diesel Only (which featured bands from all over). The latter isn't quite as consistently good, but I still think they both hold up pretty well. (Oh, and the third Diesel Only collection, Rig Rock Deluxe, an all trucking songs collection, is still in print and the best of them all.)

Good Morning Mr. Trucker World Famous Blue Jays
Punk Rockin' Honky Tonk Girl The Blue Chieftains
Miss Fabulous Mumbo Gumbo
Leaving Angel Dean & The Zephyrs
Why I Drink Go To Blazes
Hands Off Courtney & Western
Baltimore Five Chinese Brothers
Two Hearts The Twanglers
Messed Up Thing Gwil Owen
Do It For Hank World Famous Blue Jays
I Think Hank Woulda Done It This Way The Blue Chieftains
New Blue Yodel (Blue Yodel #14) Mark Brine
Good Morning Mr. Afternoon Mumbo Gumbo
97 Miles Go To Blazes
Diplomat Courtney & Western
Diesel Only Theme (Inst.) World Famous Blue Jays

UFOs, Big Rigs & BBQ Mojo Nixon And The World Famous Blue Jays
Diesel Dazey Killbilly
Hot Black Coffee Gwil Owen
Life Preserver Angel Dean & The Zephyrs
She's A Waitress (And I'm In Love) Five Chinese Brothers
Cheeseburger Deluxe World Famous Blue Jays
Lovin' You Is Killin' Me Courtney & Western
After The Hurricane The Blue Chieftains
Messed Up Again Go To Blazes
Cheater's World Amy Allison and the Maudlins
Woke Up Surreal McCoys
Out Of The Frying Pan (Into Desire) Wheelers And Dealers
Chug-A-Lug Mojo Nixon And The World Famous Blue Jays
Too Much Coffee Gwil Owen
Hoedown In The Sky Jean Caffeine's All Night Truckstop
Ricky Skaggs Tonite Will Rigby
Second Best Angel Dean & The Zephyrs
Hotel Albert Joe Flood
Am I In Love Courtney & Western
Cookin' With Jay (Instr.) World Famous Blue Jays


Paul said...

These are right up there with the Town South of Bakersfield series. Good stuff!

Ishkabibliophile said...

Maybe it's because I'm a NYC boy, but I'm kinda partial to the Diesel Only comps. Of course, the Bakersfield comps (especially Vol 1) did produce a lot more name acts (Lucinda, Dwight, Jann Browne, Jim Lauderdale). Volume 3 is still available, but 1/2 are out of print. If anyone sees them on a blog, please post it here - if not, I'll post it next week.

bob said...

nice thank you

charlie said...

thank you so much for this I had vol 1 on cassette and wore it out. This is some really good music

Ishkabibliophile said...

@Bob and Charlie,

Quite welcome. (I had them both on cd, but I also put both front/back on cassettes for car listening)

LakerCrazy said...

Thanks Ish for these "Comp Gems". Glad the links are still working fine. Hope everything is good for you.Remember summer is just around the corner!

Ishkabibliophile said...


Of course, I had to re-up these. Perhaps my nostalgia gets the best of me, but I think the best cuts on these comps still hold up pretty well.