Thursday, October 15, 2009

This Way to the Velvet Underground

It'd be nice if I had something bold and insightful to say about the Velvet Underground, but it's not like kegs of ink haven't already been spilled on the subject. However, since there really isn't a comprehensive best of collection for the band, here ya go..... And like last week's post, you can download both discs as one download.

Disc One

White Light, White Heat
I'm Waiting for the Man
Foggy Notion
I Found A Reason
Stephanie Says
What Goes On
Venus in Furs
Sunday Morning
Some Kinda Love
Temptation Inside Your Heart
Oh! Sweet Nuthin'
The Black Angel's Death Song

Disc Two

I Can't Stand It
Run Run Run
There She Goes Again
The Gift
That's the Story of My Life
One of These Days
Femme Fatale
Andy's Chest
Beginning to See the Light
Pale Blue Eyes
I'll Be Your Mirror
Who Loves The Sun

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