Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Sweet Sounds of Muscle Shoals: Vol. 4 - "More Power to Ya!"

Well, I finally my grubby little mitts on a copy of the 4th volume of The Sweet Sounds of Muscle Shoals!!!! It's a vinyl copy which means the songs are slightly different than the cd version. Also, since I'm still burning my vinyl to a cd recorder connected to my stereo, there's a few little noise on some of the tracks.
Now I gotta say I don't think Volume 4 is quite good as the previous three, but there's still a lot of good stuff - my faves are Bill Brandon's "All I Need is You" and Tony Borders "Gentle on My Mind".

(Btw, as someone informed me in the comments section when I posted the previous three volumes, there is a Volume 5, but that one seems really rare.)

More Power to Ya Don Varner
Heaven Help Me (I'm Falling In Love With You) June Edwards
Please Don't Break My Heart (Like You Did Jerry's) Tony Borders
All I Need Is You Bill Brandon
It's A Man's World Buddy Causey
Gentle On My Mind Tony Borders
The Sweetest Story Don Varner
It Sure Was Fun Eddie Bradford
I Met Her In Church Tony Borders
A Mighty Long Way Eddie Bradford
What The World Needs Now Bill Brandon
Headman Tony Borders
My Man (My Sweet Man) June Edwards
Home For The Summer Don Varner
Don't Let Go Tony Borders
To Make My Life Beautiful Bill Brandon


leifko said...

There were five LPs but four CDs. I was happy to pick up the latter set in New York City in the 90's. It made me a real fan of Tony Borders.

I once worked out which tracks were not on the CDs and vice versa, but now I can't find the result. Sorry...

Ishkabibliophile said...

@leifko - Do you know if there are songs on the 5th lp that aren't on any of the cds?