Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Passion and Pride of Johnny Paycheck

       Given his career arc, I understand that it would be difficult to make a Johnny Paycheck biopic.  But why, oh why, isn't his music used in more films? You'd think someone like Quentin Tarantino would have made some southern noir 60s film based around the music of Paycheck by now.  As a (very) partial remedy, I give you a 15 song sampler of the truly late and great Mr. Paycheck.  I'm pretty partial to his 60s stuff recorded on the Little Darlin' label, but I've also included a bunch of his 70s songs as well.  And since it's out of print, I will post the great Paycheck collection put out by the Country Music Foundation: The Real Heartache: The Little Darlin' Years next week.


I'm A Coward
Heartbreak TN
Livin' in a House Full of Love
I'm Glad to Have Her Back Again
Not Much I Don't
She Thinks I Still Care
It's Only A Matter Of Wine
Kissing Yesterday Goodbye
I Thought I'd Never Fall in Love Again
She's All I Got
I'm Gonna Tell The World
Black Sheep
Passion and Pride
From Cotton To Satin (From Birmingham To Manhattan)
The Wheels Fell Off The Wagon


Kevin Fredette said...

My all time favorite male country singer. So much soul.

Anonymous said...

Mediafire says it's Gone-Daddy-Gone. How 'bout a repost elsewhere? Thanks

Ishkabibliophile said...


Me too (I'll gush more in my next post.)


It has been re-posted. :)

Anonymous said...


Apetalk1971 said...

Hi! Would you please repost this collection of Johnny Paycheck songs! I would be very grateful!

Thank you in advance!

Apetalk1971 said...

Oh, and I want to tell you that I recently was hired to play guitar in a honkytonk band and Paula Frazier was the backgound singer. I saw that you posted some old Tarnation stuff. She has an amazing voice.

Ishkabibliophile said...


The Paycheck comp is back up. Also, very cool about playing in a band with Paula Frazier (though she should really be a lead singer. :)

Apetalk1971 said...

Thank you for reposting! Get this, the other back up singer was Virgil Shaw of Dieselhear. The talent was definitely in the back up singers. I was just a hired hand playing the guitar. No comment on the quality of the guy who sang lead.

Thanks again. I've really enjoyed a heap of the mixes you've shared.

Ishkabibliophile said...

Quite welcome! Never heard of Virgil Shaw, but given the reviews of his albums, that does sound like quite a pair of backup singers. Is the band you're with now going to release any albums?