Thursday, October 25, 2012

In Defense of Folk Rock

    A couple of years ago, I posted a compilation featuring male artists (Billy Bragg, John Prine, and Ron Sexsmith) who, in one way or another incorporated folk into their music.  Tonight's compilation has a slightly different premise as I feature four female artists (Sarah Harmer, Jenny Lewis, Shannon McArdle, and Sharon Van Etten) who offer different variations on the ever-sturdy folk rock.  I am aware that Lewis (especially her band Rilo Kiley) is more likely to be considered indie rock, but like I said, it's different variations on folk rock.  


Rabbit Fur Coat Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins
Washington  Sarah Harmer
One Day Sharon Van Etten
Poison My Cup Shannon McArdle
I'm That! The Mendoza Line
Almost Sarah Harmer
I Wish I Knew Sharon Van Etten
Sing A Song For Them Jenny Lewis
Wedding Dance Slow Dazzle
Go Ahead Rilo Kiley
Lodestar Sarah Harmer
Kevin's Sharon Van Etten
Life of His Own Sharon Van Etten
Close Call Rilo Kiley
The Dream Of Axes Shannon McArdle
How Deep in the Valley Sarah Harmer

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