Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tales of the Drummer - A Tony Allen Sampler

      I was really glad to see Fela Kuti get a little more recognition a couple of years ago when the play Fela made it to Broadway.  Now, I don't expect to see a play about his life, but Tony Allen also deserves more a lot more appreciation.  Not only was he Fela's drummer and musical director, but he put out  a number of great solo albums in the 1970s.  He didn't record much in the 1980s or 1990s, but he's been very prolific over the last 15 years as both a solo artist and as a collaborator with various acts.  The Wrasse record label did put out a greatest hits collection (Eager Hands and Restless Feet) in 2002, but it's only available as an import for us North Americans and I also thought a broader career retrospective was necessary.  (Most of his great 1970s albums have been reissued are easily available as both cds and mp3 downloads.)  

The Same Blood Tony Allen
Crazy Afrobeat Tony Allen
Secret Agent Tony Allen
Against The Wall Jimi Tenor / Tony Allen
Nepa Tony Allen
Ako Fela Kuti
Don't Fight Tony Allen
Afropusherman Psyco On Da Bus
Gbedu Tony Allen
Nature Springs The Good, The Bad and The Queen
Sankofa Hypnotic Brass Ensemble featuring Tony Allen
Progress Tony Allen

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