Thursday, May 17, 2012

Detour to Fist City

    Back in the late 1970s, Carlene Carter famously (or infamously) introduced a song off her debut album with the claim that it would put the cu-- back in country.   (According to wikipedia, her mom and stepdad were, unbeknownst to Carlene, in the audience and she spent a decade trying to live the quote down.)   I invoke this story only because I put together a compilation which features a bunch of cuts from Ms. Carter and other female country artists with a similar style and because I couldn't think of good way of characterizing the music - brassy, spunky, scrappy, etc. just don't work.  But since this is a family blog, I thought I'd just go with the only slightly banal Detour to Fist City since I kinda see Loretta Lynn as the godmother/high priestess to this kind of music.  Oh well, it's about the music, right? :)
Volume Two comes next week.


I Fell in Love Carlene Carter
Girl Haggard Rosie Flores
Fist City Loretta Lynn
Lies Nikki Lane
That's Where I'm Going Eilen Jewell
Rock-A-Bye Boogie Rosie Flores
Cry Carlene Carter
Too Bad About Sandy Carlene Carter
Who Says God Is Dead Eilen Jewell
Let's Elope Baby Janis Martin
Drink Myself Single Sunny Sweeney
Jesus Was A Wino Lydia Loveless
Daniel Lee Sarah Borges
The Bitter End Carlene Carter
Blue Side Of Town Rosie Flores
Next Big Nothing Sunny Sweeney


fervorcoulee said...

Suggestion for PArt 2- Highway 101- Whiskey If You Were A Woman or Woman Walk the Line. Keep up the great work. Thanks

bostig said...

Thank you

Jerry Lee said...

Great stuff, man! I suppose Neko Case is in volume 2? Looking forward to seeing Lydia Loveless with Scott H. Biram next month.

Ishkabibliophile said...


Quite welcome.


You know me too well, Jerry Lee - indeed, Neko will be on volume 2. Enjoy the Loveless/Biram show.

I already put together volume 2, but perhaps there's a volume 3 at some point....

codeg said...

Thanks for your great blog! The link to Detour to Fist City is dead, could you kindly repost?

Ishkabibliophile said...


The link is back (and glad you like the blog).

codeg said...

Many thanks for reposting, really kind of you. I wonder if you could also reup the links for the Damnations lp Where It Lands posted in March 2012 and for the two tributes to Harlan Howard posted in December 2011. Thanks in advance

Ishkabibliophile said...


Quite welcome! And the Damnations and Harlan Howard comps are reposted as well.