Friday, April 20, 2012

More Jim Lauderdale

      Here's Disc Two of my Jim Lauderdale compilation.  As I mentioned last week, Disc Two features more of his bluegrass material.   I like this stuff quite a bit, but I must confess I like his honky-tonk stuff just a little more (ymmv).  Unfortunately, most of his earlier albums are out of print - though some of them are available cheaply as used cds (like Whisper, Every Second Counts, and Pretty Close to the Truth).  However, you can get his dynamite debut Planet of Love new (though not as an mp3 download).


I Feel Like Singing Today
I'm Kind Of Learning As I Go
I Like to Feel Pretty Inside
Paint And Glass
Diesel, Diesel, Diesel
Life By Numbers
We're Gone
Tiger & The Monkey
Quit That
If I Lose
Can We Find Forgiveness
Mighty Lonesome
I'm On Your Side
Why Do I Love You?


Vaughn M Abbott said...

Thanks for the Lauderdale love. He's an extremely talented man. I've seen him a couple times in concert and if hadn't pursued music as a career he would have made a great stand-up comic, he's that funny.
I too lean more towards his honky tonk but it's all good.

Ishkabibliophile said...


He is a really talented guy - I think he also wanted to be an actor early in his career (which may have been why he was part of the LA country scene in the late 80s.)