Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jim Lauderdale - Country Strongman

    When I was younger, I never understood why it took some artists/bands so long between records.  I'm a little (I said little :) wiser now and recognize some of the things that can get in their way.  Still, I maintain my admiration for the artists who consistently put out quality albums.  Case in point - the prolific Mr. Jim Lauderdale, who has put out 19 albums since 1991.  And if that wasn't enough, he's a highly respected Nashville songwriter who also tours pretty frequently.  Disc one is mostly his honky-tonk stuff while next week's disc two focuses more on his bluegrass recordings.


What Am I Waiting For
Don't Build Your World Around It
Please Pardon Me
Sweet Rosie Jones
She Used To Say That To Me
I Want You To Know
Honky Tonk Haze
My Lips are Sealed
Playing On My Heart Strings
Glass House
Run Like You
It's Worth Looking Up
Hittin' It Hard
Where The Sidewalk Ends


davidwolfsonnc said...

thanks for the jim lauderdale . . . every time i've seen him live has been a real treat. with a sense of humor and warmth, he brings his all to every performance; case in point, 2-3 years ago he played a small venue here in my town and perhaps 30-35 people showed up (a scandal!) and yet he gave a show as if he were playing to a full stadium, and even came out and chatted with the audience between sets. a truly generous performer no matter what the setting or the level of his participation.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I've been a Lauderdale fan for years. Didn't he start out as part of that great So Cal music scene in the mid eighties w/ Blasters,Dwight, Gaffney, etc?

Best, Mike

Jerry Lee said...

davidwolf is right, I saw Lauderdale in a small local club several times after his first albums were released, don't miss his appearances. At that time, he had Buddy Miller on guitar before his own first album was released; he and Julie opened one night and gave a stunning performance.

Ishkabibliophile said...

@davidwolfsonnc & Jerry Lee,

I saw him solo open up for Lucinda Williams in 1998 (and since he's a country strongman) he then played rhythm guitar and sang harmony for Lucinda. Great performance, of course. I'd forgotten that Buddy Miller was his guitarist back in the early 90s

He was definitely part of the LA scene - the leadoff cut is from the Town South of Bakersfield comp. I think he may have also had acting aspirations early on (hence locating in LA.)

Uncle Vernon said...

If you're ever in Nashville, Jim hosts Music City Roots at the Loveless Cafe and Barn on Wednesday nights.

Ishkabibliophile said...

@Uncle Vernon,

Does Lauderdale also sing and play at these events?