Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sucking in the 70s - Volume 2

It's a pretty commonplace notion that popular music has been targeted at teens ever since the 1950s. But when I listen to 70s pop, it's sometimes hard to believe that 12-16 year olds listened to this stuff. Then again, maybe the music explains why Gen X was so screwed up. Nah, it's best to blame that on the parents. :) Anyway, here's another 70s mixtape (you can find the first volume here).

Rose Garden   Lynn Anderson
It Never Rains In Southern California   Albert Hammond
(Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher   Rita Coolidge
My Baby Loves Lovin'   White Plains
Tell Her She's Lovely   El Chicano
I'd Love You to Want Me   Lobo
All By Myself   Eric Carmen
It's Too Late   Carole King
Tighter, Tighter   Alive 'N Kickin'
I'm On Fire   Dwight Twilley Band
I Wonder   Rodriguez
Right Back Where We Started From   Maxine Nightingale
Let Your Love Flow   Bellamy Brothers
Dreams   Fleetwood Mac
Love Hurts   Nazareth
The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia   Vicki Lawrence
Low Rider   War
I saw the Light   Todd Rundgren
You've Got a Friend   Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway
Ooh La La   The Faces

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Soul of Staton and Swann

I’m a little out of it tonight (okay, pretty much this whole) week, so I don’t really have too much interesting to say about the subjects of this week’s mixtapes – Candi Staton and Bettye Swann. Instead, I’ll just let everyone draw their own opinions on just how freaking awesome Candi Staton’s “To Hear You Say You’re Mine” or Bettye Swann’s take on “Little Things Mean a Lot” are. Oh, and if you like the comp and this is your first exposure to Staton and Swann, you should really get the compilations of Candi Staton and Bettye Swann put out by the Honest Jon’s record label in 2004.

Here I Am Again Candi Staton
Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me) Bettye Swann
I'm Lonely For You Bettye Swann
Before The Next Teardop Falls Candi Staton
Victim Of A Foolish Heart
Bettye Swann
I'm Just A Prisoner (Of Your Good Love) Candi Staton
Don't Take My Mind Bettye Swann
In Name Only Candi Staton
You Don't Have Far to Go Candi Staton
Today I Started Loving You Again Bettye Swann
He Called Me Baby Candi Staton
I Can't Let You Break My Heart Bettye Swann
Stand By Your Man Bettye Swann
Honest I Do Love You Candi Staton
Don't Wait Too Long Bettye Swann
Another Man's Woman, Another Woman's Man Candi Staton
You Gave Me Love Bettye Swann
You Don't Love Me No More Candi Staton
To Hear You Say You're Mine Candi Staton
Little Things Mean A Lot Bettye Swann

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jean Shepard - Honky Tonk Heroine

While Jean Shepard may not have had Patsy's voice or Loretta Lynn's scrappy persona and backstory, it's still a darn shame that she's not more well known (and on the jukebox in more hipster dive bars). In order to rectify that at least a little bit, I'm posting an 1995 out of print Jean Shepard cd put out by the Country Music Foundation. Enjoy some great country music.

Twice the Lovin' (In Half the Time)
Crying Steel Guitar Waltz
A Dear John Letter
My Wedding Ring
Two Whoops and a Holler
Don't Fall in Love with a Married Man
A Satisfied Mind
Beautiful Lies
Sad Singin' and Slow Ridin'
Under Suspicion
I Want to Go Where No One Knows Me
The Other Woman
Act Like a Married Man
A Thief in the Night
He's My Baby
How Do I Tell It to a Child
Color Song (I Lost My Love)
The Root of all Evil (Is a Man)
Under Your Spell Again
One White Rose
I've Learned to Live With You (And Be Alone)
That's What Lonesome Is
Cigarettes and Coffee Blues
Second Fiddle (To an Old Guitar)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Powering Up With 90s Power Pop

I do love me some good power pop - especially on those sunny days when I'm waiting outside for the train after work with (almost) nary a care in my (semi) pretty little head. :) In that spirit, here's two mixtapes of 4 of my favorite power pop artists from the 90s (okay, I included some stuff from the late 80s - sue me): Tommy Keene, Material Issue, Kevin Salem, and Matthew Sweet.

Very First Lie Material Issue
Wind and the Sun Matthew Sweet
If You're Getting Married Tonight Tommy Keene
Will Kevin Salem
Forever Gone Kevin Salem
Come To Love Matthew Sweet
Highwire Days Tommy Keene
Next Big Thing Material Issue
Kindness Kevin Salem
Thought I Knew You Matthew Sweet
Whole Lotta You Material Issue
Hey Man Tommy Keene
Love Is The Only Thing That Matters Tommy Keene
Diane [Acoustic] Material Issue
Remain Kevin Salem
Love Matthew Sweet

Download Disc Two

Back To Zero Now Tommy Keene
Lighthouse Keeper Kevin Salem
Sick Of Myself Matthew Sweet
Crazy Material Issue
Bus Stop Material Issue
Magnetic Kevin Salem
Evangeline Matthew Sweet
Turning On Blue Tommy Keene
When I Get This Way (Over You) Material Issue
Nothing Can Change You Tommy Keene
Deep Dark Love Kevin Salem
Into Your Drug Matthew Sweet
Devil With The Green Eyes Matthew Sweet
Valerie Loves Me [Live] Material Issue
If We Run Away Tommy Keene
In A Whisper Kevin Salem