Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jean Shepard - Honky Tonk Heroine

While Jean Shepard may not have had Patsy's voice or Loretta Lynn's scrappy persona and backstory, it's still a darn shame that she's not more well known (and on the jukebox in more hipster dive bars). In order to rectify that at least a little bit, I'm posting an 1995 out of print Jean Shepard cd put out by the Country Music Foundation. Enjoy some great country music.

Twice the Lovin' (In Half the Time)
Crying Steel Guitar Waltz
A Dear John Letter
My Wedding Ring
Two Whoops and a Holler
Don't Fall in Love with a Married Man
A Satisfied Mind
Beautiful Lies
Sad Singin' and Slow Ridin'
Under Suspicion
I Want to Go Where No One Knows Me
The Other Woman
Act Like a Married Man
A Thief in the Night
He's My Baby
How Do I Tell It to a Child
Color Song (I Lost My Love)
The Root of all Evil (Is a Man)
Under Your Spell Again
One White Rose
I've Learned to Live With You (And Be Alone)
That's What Lonesome Is
Cigarettes and Coffee Blues
Second Fiddle (To an Old Guitar)


bubba said...

Thanks a lot!
I've been looking for this out-of-print CD for a while.

Robbie Fulks is a big Jean fan, he's written about her, it's worth looking up, probably on his website somewhere.

Ishkabibliophile said...

It really is a great comp - the Faron Young and Johnny Paycheck comps put out by the Country Music Foundation are also excellent. I knew Robbie was a fan (he does a nice version of Act Like a Married Man on his covers album), but thanks for the heads up on his blog post about her.