Friday, April 23, 2010

The Soul of Staton and Swann

I’m a little out of it tonight (okay, pretty much this whole) week, so I don’t really have too much interesting to say about the subjects of this week’s mixtapes – Candi Staton and Bettye Swann. Instead, I’ll just let everyone draw their own opinions on just how freaking awesome Candi Staton’s “To Hear You Say You’re Mine” or Bettye Swann’s take on “Little Things Mean a Lot” are. Oh, and if you like the comp and this is your first exposure to Staton and Swann, you should really get the compilations of Candi Staton and Bettye Swann put out by the Honest Jon’s record label in 2004.

Here I Am Again Candi Staton
Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me) Bettye Swann
I'm Lonely For You Bettye Swann
Before The Next Teardop Falls Candi Staton
Victim Of A Foolish Heart
Bettye Swann
I'm Just A Prisoner (Of Your Good Love) Candi Staton
Don't Take My Mind Bettye Swann
In Name Only Candi Staton
You Don't Have Far to Go Candi Staton
Today I Started Loving You Again Bettye Swann
He Called Me Baby Candi Staton
I Can't Let You Break My Heart Bettye Swann
Stand By Your Man Bettye Swann
Honest I Do Love You Candi Staton
Don't Wait Too Long Bettye Swann
Another Man's Woman, Another Woman's Man Candi Staton
You Gave Me Love Bettye Swann
You Don't Love Me No More Candi Staton
To Hear You Say You're Mine Candi Staton
Little Things Mean A Lot Bettye Swann


Delrio said...

Thanks for sharing these songs. I thought I was the only Candi Staton / Betty Swann fanatic around. I'll keep checking back, you're doing an awesome job. Keep it coming! :)

Ishkabibliophile said...


Glad you liked the comp. I'm sure you're not the only fanatic, but Bettye and Candi are criminally underappreciated.

Anonymous said...

Nice choice for a coupling and great song selection. W.

Ishkabibliophile said...


Thanks! I actually found out after I made the comp that Bettye and Candi were fairly close friends (at least during their musical careers)