Friday, March 20, 2009

Singing the Blues with Ted and Jimmie

As you may probably guess from the nine volume Rooting Around in the 80s compilation, I tend to have a wee bit of a nostalgia problem when it comes to 80s roots music. So indulge me again this week as I give to you two compilations showcasing some gems from the 80s: Ted Hawkins' 1982 Watch Your Step and 1986 Happy Hour (plus a couple of tracks from one of his live cds) and Jimmie Dale Gilmore's 1988 Fair and Square and 1989 Jimmie Dale Gilmore. I don't know why I got the idea to put them together in a compilation, but I do think they sound good back to back.

Dallas: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Bad Dog: Ted Hawkins
Gypsy Woman: Ted Hawkins
Trying to Get to You: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
A Thing Called Love: Ted Hawkins
The Lost Ones: Ted Hawkins
The Doors Are Open Wide: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Honky Tonk Song: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Cold & Bitter Tears: Ted Hawkins
Rain Just Falls: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
I Gave Up All I Had: Ted Hawkins
Fair & Square: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Red Chevrolet: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
One Hundred Miles: Ted Hawkins
Beautiful Rose: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
You Pushed My Head Away: Ted Hawkins

Sorry You're Sick: Ted Hawkins
See The Way: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
White Freight Liner Blues: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Don't Make Me Explain It: Ted Hawkins
My Last Goodbye: Ted Hawkins
99 Holes: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Happy Hour: Ted Hawkins
Singing the Blues: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
TWA: Ted Hawkins
Bring It Home Daddy: Ted Hawkins
Honky Tonk Masquerade: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Ain't That Pretty: Ted Hawkins
Missin' Mississippi: Ted Hawkins
Up To You: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
That Hardwood Floor: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
If You Love Me: Ted Hawkins
When The Nights Are Cold: Jimmie Dale Gilmore


Anonymous said...

Is There a chance you would re-up Vol. 2? Thanks For all the wonderful music. Mark

Ishkabibliophile said...


Consider it done!

Mark Sutherland said...

Thank You, Mark

Anonymous said...


Is It Possible To Re-Up Vol 1 and 2 of Jikkie Dale Gilmore ??

Thank You

Ishkabibliophile said...


Just re-upped them both. Enjoy!