Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rooting Around in the 80s

Before there was alternative country, there was well - well, there wasn't exactly an all encompassing genre for roots music. Not that that's a bad thing. :) Anyway, back in the 1980s, there were a lot of really good west coast bands like The Blasters, Green on Red, Lone Justice, The Long Ryders, Los Lobos, X, etc playing roots music - even if it wasn't usually called roots music (if I recall correctly). So here is the first three volumes of my 9 volume ode to 1980s west coast roots music. (I would put a picture up but my desktop computer is currently on vacation and all my pix are up there. So it'll have to wait until the desktop returns from its little trip to notworkingville.)

Volume 1

The Once Over Twice X
Run Dusty Run Long Ryders
Ghost Hand Green on Red
Si Yo Quisiera Los Lobos
Never No More Blues The Blasters
Highway 61 The Blasters
Clarkesville Green on Red
Motel Room In My Bed X
Will the Wolf Survive? Los Lobos
You Just Can't Ride the Boxcars Anymore The Long Ryders
Left & Right X
The Word Is Out Danny & Dusty
Baby Out Of Jail The Knitters
Biggest Memory Exene Cervenka
Goldmine The Beat Farmers
Coyote Rank And File

Don't Worry Baby Los Lobos
Final Wild Son Long Ryders
In This House That I Call Home X
Hair Of The Dog Green on Red
It Must Be Love The Blasters
The Call Of The Wreckin Ball The Knitters
This World Is Not My Home Lone Justice
Fallen Tears The John Doe Thing
Willamette The John Doe Thing
Shakin' Shakin' Shakes Los Lobos
Good Times Tomorrow, Hard Times Today The Long Ryders
Marie Marie The Blasters
Burning House of Love X
Far Away Dave Alvin
I Want You Bad The Long Ryders
Time Ain't Nothing Green On Red

Looking for Lewis and Clark The Long Ryders
Death Train The Beat Farmers
No Other Girl The Blasters
Clean Like Tomorrow X
The King of the Losers Danny & Dusty
Down On The Riverbed Los Lobos
Sweet) Mental Revenge Long Ryders
Poor Little Critter On The Road The Knitters
Walkin' Cane The Knitters
Powderfinger The Beat Farmers
Ways to Be Wicked Lone Justice
Set Me Free (Rosa Lee) Los Lobos
Sixteen Ways Green on Red
Long White Cadillac The Blasters
Lil' King of Everything Los Lobos
4th of July X

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