Thursday, August 27, 2020

Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant

When I was putting together the 50's music compilations last year, I kinda rediscovered my affection for the country jazz stylings of Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant.  After listening to the compilations put out by Razor and Tie several times, I decided to look them up and discovered they were out of print, at least in the United States.  Moreover, practically none of their music - save their last album together - is available for streaming.  In order to rectify the situation, here are both of their out of print Razor and Tie compilations.  Enjoy!

Stratosphere Boogie
Blue Bonnet Rag
Cotton Pickin'
Old Joe Clark
Sleepwalker's Lullabye
Arkansas Traveler
The Night Rider
Low Man on a Totem Pole
Speedin' West
Comin' On
Bryant's Bounce
Midnight Ramble
Pickin' Peppers
Shuffleboard Rag
Bustin' Thru
Flippin' the Lid

Frettin' Fingers
Two Of A Kind
Yodeling Guitar
West Of Samoa
Opus 1
Truck Driver's Ride
T-Bone Rag
China Boy
Jammin' With Jimmy
Deep Water
This Ain't The Blues
The Rolling Sky
Whistle Stop
Hillcrest (Opus 3)
Pushin' The Blues
Swingin' On The Strings
Caffeine Patrol


Anonymous said...

Good stuff! I had a few of these songs in my library, but hadn't even heard most of them. Everyone identifies the electric guitar with rock 'n roll, but it had a huge impact on country too. "Birth of the Loud" is a great book about Les Paul, Leo Fender, and the history of the electric guitar.


Ishkabibliophile said...


That's a really good point (and the book sounds very interesting) - especially considering a lot of the cuts from the cds were recorded in the early 1950s. Also, I'd forgotten that West and Bryant were West Coast guys (at least until the early 60's) and that West produced Loretta Lynn's first album.