Thursday, April 28, 2016

Riding in My Car With NRBQ

        While I always winced a little bit at those who would call NRBQ the greatest bar band ever as it seemed like damning them with faint praise, there's no denying they were a great live band, especially when Al Anderson was playing guitar. For those who need documentation of this, look no further than their official 1987 live release God Bless Us All.  But, hopefully, this two disc set does also does justice to their songwriting chops.  (And if you need any further demonstration of this, look no further than their 1989 release Wild Weekend.)

Disc One

It's A Wild Weekend
Don't She Look Good
Get That Gasoline Blues
It Comes to Me Naturally
Mule in the Corn
Music, Music, Music 
It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
Next Stop Brattleboro
All That's Left To Say Is Goodbye
I Don't Think of...
Ain't It Alright
Ain't No Horse
She Got the House
Disc Two
Over Your Head
Don't Talk About My Music
Music Goes 'Round And Around
Deep In The Heart Of Texas
Rats in My Room
You Were The One
Ain't Nice to Talk Like That
Green Lights
Little Rootie Tootie
Whistle While You Work
Captain Lou
Ridin' In My Car


Anonymous said...

Please don't discount the current line-up. My 1st NRBQ was in 1988. I've seen all line-ups since then and they are all terrific. I'm well into my 60s, and really don't like the "you should have seen them THEN" approach to music. It's shite. Thanks for posting -- I have it all already, but anyone who hasn't seen the band ought to make an effort to catch them. They are STILL fantastic.

dogbreath said...

Not had much to do with NRBQ. Perhaps it's because I'm on the opposite side of the Atlantic & airplay or live gigs have been more limited. Anyway, I do know "Ridin' In My Car" & one or two other tunes not included here so I'm willin' to dig a tad deeper to hopefully give my ears a treat! Many thanks for the mix.

Ishkabibliophile said...


I haven't seen the Q in a while, so I'm very glad to hear they're still great live. Didn't mean to slag off the post Al Anderson incarnations - I saw a lot of great shows after he left and Johnny Spampinato was a very good guitarist, but there was something special about the Al Anderson Q, especially since he was another guy who could write and sing.

Ishkabibliophile said...


Never too late to catch up with a great band. Fortunately, they toured the U.S. hard for many years. Hope the compilations do them justice.

Farbror H said...

The ZIP files are bad, too small (60-72 MB) and missing songs;
"Disc One" has 13 songs (missing 2),
"Disc Two" has 13 songs (missing 2).

Ishkabibliophile said...


Just re-upped them with all the files - don't know what happened the first time.