Thursday, April 30, 2015

It's Time for Monkeyshines

  As I've mentioned previously, I'm not big on themed mixtapes.   And yet I just couldn't resist
putting together a compilation of songs about monkeys even if some of them really aren't about monkeys.  Nor do I think I have to explain this predilection as all humans (save the villains in Planet of the Apes movies) seem to love apes, gorillas, chimps, etc.  Plus, the theme of monkeys does seem to inspire a lot of songwriters.


One Monkey Don't Stop No Show Honey Cone
Can Your Monkey Do The Dog Rufus Thomas
Monkey To Man Elvis Costello
Monkey Man Amy Winehouse
Monkey See, Monkey Do The New Swing Sextet
Monkey Murders The English Beat
Ape Woman Jimmy Smith
What Makes the Monkey Dance Chuck Prophet
Monkeys Echo & The Bunnymen
Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head Gorillaz
Monkey See, Monkey Do Cliff Crofford
New Monkey Elliott Smith
Space Monkey John Prine
Monkey & Cork The Sadies
Shock The Monkey Peter Gabriel
Monkey Rag Asylum Street Spankers
You're Bound To Look Like A Monkey Hank Penny
Mickey's Monkey Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
Green Monkeys Graham Parker
Monkey Time Shine L. Hollis & the Mackadoos
Apeman The Kinks
Don't Monkey With Another Monkey's Monkey Johnny Paycheck


Anonymous said...

File 16 of Monkey Shines is corrupt and stops the un-archiving.

Ishkabibliophile said...


I've remade the comp. Please let me know if the new one still has problems.

dogbreath said...

Excellent stuff! A set list that made me laugh out loud on a cold wet grey morning. Might just tag on the America and Pixies "monkey" tracks which immediately popped into what passes for my brain. Cheers!

Ishkabibliophile said...


Glad you liked it. I know it's a bit of heresy, but I was never that big a Pixies fan which is why I don't have Doolittle in my collection. But Monkey Gone to Heaven realllllly should have been in this comp. Damn!

Kevin Fredette said...

I Wanna Be Like You (The Monkey Song), by Los Lobos. Just a suggestion for volume 2. ;-)

Ishkabibliophile said...

I Wanna Be Like You is probably the best monkey themed song ever, but you already put it on the Los Lobos comp (see you made for this blog. I was, however, still sorely tempted to also put it on this comp.