Sunday, March 1, 2015

Let's Fall in Love All Over Again With Johnny Hartman and Billy Paul

      I was listening to Billy Paul's great album Ebony Woman and thinking how overlooked he is today (save, of course, Me and Mrs. Jones).  He's 79 and may even still perform once in a while so I'd much rather give him an homage while he's still around.  Naturally, I decided to pair him up with another overlooked balladeer, albeit of the jazz variety, Johnny Hartman.


I See The Light Billy Paul
These Foolish Things Johnny Hartman
Let's Stay Together Billy Paul
When Your Lover Has Gone Johnny Hartman
Sleepin' Bee Johnny Hartman
Love Buddies Billy Paul
Funny World Johnny Hartman
Let's Fall In Love All Over Again Billy Paul
If I'm Lucky Johnny Hartman
Without You Billy Paul
How Sweet It Is To Be In Love Johnny Hartman
Missing You Billy Paul
Everybody's Breakin' Up Billy Paul
Lush Life Johnny Hartman


dogbreath said...

Nice selection, especially of Mr Paul's songs & including only a couple of his singles in favour of some deeper cuts [Btw I recall reading about his 80th birthday before last Christmas]. Many thanks!

Ishkabibliophile said...


Thanks. It's always good to have a major hit, but it's too bad that the rest of Billy Paul's output doesn't get nearly enough love (especially his Ebony Woman album).

Anonymous said...

.... and Billy Paul's "War Of The Gods" Album.
Thanks for this post

Ishkabibliophile said...


War of the Gods is another good one!